Accountants’ Job in UAE

Accountants job in UAE is showing a huge potential with new business opportunities emerging in the country. The accounting jobs in Dubai were the primary route for the entry of most of the expatriates work in the country. The job vacancies in Abu Dhabi are also catching up with more companies starting operations in the emirate.

The best season for hiring in UAE begins from mid of August when most of the executives are back from summer holidays. The hiring is very slow during the summer and during the holy month of Ramadan. The accounting job in UAE is mainly dominated from professionals for Asia.

Accountant jobs in UAE are mainly in the powerful SME sector in the region. The Accountant in SME handles all the finance related activity of a business; he keeps the books of accounts of the company.

The interview part of selection procedure is one of the crucial stages since both ends meet together.

The first impression is always the best impression, so try to utilize the first impression as the best one that will either make you or break you.  You should have a basic understanding of the nature of position for which you are applying which will help you to perform at full potential.

There might be a written test also for some of the accounting positions in the company.

  The favorite questions for the interviewers of the accountants in UAE in technical areas are on inventory valuations, basic journal entries, and preparation of financial statements, ratio analysis and IAS/IFRS.

 The interviewee of accountant post may also need to read up regarding the details of the company and the specific industry related practices. The experience and knowledge of various softwares may also come in handy.

 The other interviewing questions accountant may have to be face are regarding his Attitude. The interviewer may ask whether the candidate is interested in “A big role in small company or a small role in big company”. An interviewer may prefer a candidate who thinks like a business man because he will do more than just mere book keeping and contribute to business. A candidate who is eager to learn more will always help the company to grow along with him.

 The availability of job opportunities in UAE is reviving and accounting jobs in Dubai as well as Abu Dhabi are becoming even more attractive. With right knowledge and attitude cracking a job interview and impressing the interviewer is not a difficult task. Emirates Chartered Accountants Group encourages the aspiring accountants to come up and hit the goal!

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