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What is Reverse Charge Mechanism Under VAT in the UAE?

In the UAE VAT, the Reverse Charge Mechanism is applicable while importing goods or services from outside the GCC countries. Under this, the busines...

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Impact of VAT in UAE, How VAT Implementation will Affect You?

How VAT affects the companies in the UAE and who will bear the increased cost of 5% VAT?  The burden of VAT needs to be borne by someone – either the businesses or consumers or both. Th...

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6 steps the businessmen should take now for implementing UAE VAT

6 Steps the Businessmen Should Take Now for Implementing UAE VAT   STEP 1: Check whether your company needs to be registered for  VAT or not. Whether your current year turnover is more than AED 375,000...

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VAT In UAE - Importance Of Accounting Records

Vat In UAE - Importance Of Accounting Records Consultation and Guidelines Value Added Tax (VAT) is a tax on consumption and it applies to almost all goods and servi...

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