Corporate Social Responsibility in Dubai, UAE


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the act wherein the companies give back to the society. With sustainable development achieving greater significance the social responsibility of the firms to give back to the community has also been on the rise. The CSR is a platform for companies to prove that their existence is not merely for making profit. The CSR initiative considers the interest of customers, shareholders, communities and society at large.

The corporate social responsibility policy of the companies can be beneficial to the society in a different way. Sometimes it may not even require financial assistance, for example the staff of the company can pool in together and donate blood to the nearest blood bank and save life of so many people.

With companies having huge financial resources the initiatives the company can do are numerous. The number of companies that are sponsoring the education and helping develop the society by providing better infrastructure and health care support to the needy. The job assopciated with CSR  are also finding more members.


The recent “Dress One Million Needy Children” campaign achieving huge success in UAE brings about the gaining momentum of CSR  in UAE and catching up with the wave with that of the rest of the world.

The International Humanitarian City which hosts more than 40 NGO being based in Dubai is again a proof that the country’s renewed commitment towards the social commitment. The world class transport and the strategic location along with the supporting locals are encouraging many NGO’s to set up their base here.  This is the evidence of gaining momentum of corporate social responsibility in Dubai.

The proposal to include CSR to the new company law indicates the renewed commitment of the leadership of the country which believes in giving back to the community. The founding father of the country Sheikh Zayed was known for the humanitarian efforts. The business community also derives a lot of energy from him and is using their resources for the betterment of the society.

There is wide variety of options available for the companies to donate for worthy cause in UAE. There are frequent blood donation camps organized by various institutions, charities like Dubai care, etc provides an opportunity for the companies to serve the society. The Corporate Social Responsibility gives both the companies and individuals to prove that business is more than figures. The social networking platforms and corporate events are also making CSR an important part in their discussion.


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