Cakes and Wines are nothing new to us!

We are set to mark a difference by celebrating Chartered Accountants’ Day with an initiative of organizing a Blood Donation Camp.

Only 5% of the population donates blood. If only 10% of the population would donate, it would very possibly eliminate all blood shortages in the world. There is huge shortage of blood in the blood banks during Ramadan. That is why Emirates Chartered Accountants Group selected Chartered Accountants day (1st July 2015) as the day for donating blood.

Blood donation is the act of giving life. Although the whole process can take up to an hour of your life time, it can provide an entire life to some needy person. Who knows, next moment, that needy person is me or another one among us?

A lot of people are scared the first time, but after you make one donation, you’ll wonder why you ever hesitated. There’s really nothing to it! If one is healthy and weigh at least 50 Kg, he/she has 10-12 pints in his/her body can easily spare one pint. Every adult should be able to donate regularly once in 2 months without any problem. Fluids in our body are completely restored in 24 hours after donation.
Blood Donation Camp is planned to be organized at Latifa Hospital, Dubai on the special occasion of Chartered Accountants’ Day. The plan is incorporated to be a cause of helping the needy and building a healthier community.

Let us join together on this special occasion to serve the society and to prove once again chartered accountants are “More Than Figures…..”


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