Dubai After Arab Spring

Dubai After Arab Spring

The growth of Dubai has had a boosting effect with Arab
Spring. Though there are no exact details of how many firms moved to Dubai
there has been a significant rise in the number of tourist and capital from
these countries.

Even if you look at the history, the fall of Lebanon in the
1970’s made Arab investors look for an alternate destination and thus began the
rapid growth of Dubai. Whenever there is a political instability in any of the
arab world Dubai becomes the next alternative. During the Iraq wars Dubai
became one of the favorite destination for the rich in the effected country.

The leadership of the emirate with visionaries like Sheikh
Mohammed has made a Dubai a perfect destination for investors. With the world’s
tallest building and further ambitious projects like construction of TajMahal,
etc the opportunities seems to be ever on the increase. The latest report of
over thousand companies starting in the first half of 2013 in DIFC is indicator
of the same reason.

Both western and the eastern countries are making Dubai the
headquarters for their operation in the Arab world for the same reason. The
Jebal Ali Free Zone in Dubai has over hundred of the fortune 500 companies set
up their base there. The numbers in other free zones are also equally

The tourism sector also shows remarkable progress. The
number of citizens from other GCC countries is continuously on the rise. The
major malls have started to focus their promotional activities even to target
the arab tourist. Gone are the days when arabs used to fly to Europe for
purchasing from their brands the new destination has become dubai.

With political stability and optimistic economic growth with
initiative like that of Vision 2020 the growth potential of Dubai is numerous.

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