Dubai Flower Center

Dubai Flower Centre (DFC) is a transshipment centre for cool chain processes that effectively safeguard product quality, maximize shelf life, thereby enhancing profitability.

Dubai Flower Centre’s tightly controlled environment from plane to consignee prevents a break in the supply chain.

Over 130 airlines already connect through Dubai International to more than 220 destinations and further expansion is creating even more opportunities to unite global markets.

The in-house operations team is complemented by:

  • Consolidation/repackaging for transshipment to worldwide destinations
  • Pre-assembly of product lines sourced from around the world and tailored to end markets
  • Fruit and vegetable pack house – professional packaging for direct sale
  • Value added services e.g. bouquet making

Application Process and Documents Required

Step 1: Application
Companies wishing to set up operations in Dubai Flower Centre should submit the following documents to the Dubai Flower Centre for review and consideration:

  • Completed Dubai Flower Centre Application Form
  • A brochure of the company (if available)
  • The company’s annual financial report for the last three years
  • Business Plan

The completed application form and accompanying documentation should be submitted to the Dubai Flower Centre.

Step 2: Application Review
Once the application has been received, the Dubai Flower Centre will review company background, proposed business activities, space and service requirements. The Dubai Flower Centre may require additional information and clarifications from the applicant during the process.

The Dubai Flower Centre will issue a Preliminary Letter of Approval (or a letter indicating that an application has been declined) within 30 days of having received an application, unless additional information is required from the applicant.

Step 2a: Memorandum of Understanding
Approved applicants will be sent a Provisional Approval Letter, along with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), outlining the basic terms and requirements of operating in the Dubai Flower Centre.

This MOU will act as a preliminary agreement between the Dubai Flower Centre and applicant companies.

Applicants should fax back the MOU, endorsing their acceptance, within ten days of receiving it.

The Dubai Flower Centre will enter into lease agreement negotiations upon receipt of the signed Memorandum for Understanding.

After approval, the applicant will receive a provisional letter of approval advising of the required legal documents (see step 3) in order to complete the formalities for setting up the business entity along with the specimen copies of the lease agreement. The applicant should fax back the provisional letter of approval endorsing their acceptance, within ten days of receiving it.

Step 3: Submission of legal documents
Upon receiving the Provisional Letter of Approval, the applicant should forward the required legal documents within 30 days to ensure reservation of office/warehouse space and registration of the proposed entity.

Step 4: Legal Documentation Review
If the submitted documents are found to be complete and in order, a final approval letter will be forwarded to the applicant within two weeks along with the lease agreements and an invoice covering the Trade License Registration Fee and first years’ rental. If submitted documents are incomplete, the application will be put on hold and a letter to this effect will be issued.

Step 5: Final Acceptance
Applicants should fax back to the Dubai Flower Centre the final approval letter, endorsing their acceptance within one week.

Step 6: Lease Agreement and License Issuance
Applicants should assign an authorised signatory who signs the lease agreement and collects the trade license. Payment of the invoice covering the trade license registration fee and first year’s rental must be received prior to or in parallel with Step 6. This should occur within one month of acceptance of the final approval Letter.

Acquiring a Trade License (FZ + LLC)
A company wishing to set up at Dubai Flower Centre can operate with any of these licenses. Trade licenses will be issued under the authority of the Dubai Airport Free Zone or Economic Department.

Limited Liability Company (LLC) License
Activities allowed: any activity related to perishable items like floriculture, horticulture, fruits & vegetables etc. The license will be issued only by the Economic Department.

Trading License
Activities allowed: import, export, distribution, storage of all items specified in the license.

Service License
Activities allowed: All services


Company Registration

A company incorporated in the Dubai Flower Center shall be registered as one of the following:

Branch of a Company

  • Branch of company incorporated outside the UAE
  • Branch of company registered in the UAE

FZE (Free Zone Establishment)

  • A limited liability establishment incorporated in the Dubai Flower Centre, owned by one natural or juridical person with a distinct legal entity and an independent financial liability
  • Minimum capital of AED 1,000,000
  • Applicant can be an individual or non-individual (partnership association)

FZCO (Free Zone Company)

  • A limited liability company incorporated in the Dubai Flower Centre, by more than one shareholder with a distinct legal entity and independent financial liability
  • Minimum of two and maximum of five shareholders required for FZCO
  • A minimum amount paid up share capital must be AED 500,000. Management should be assigned to not less than three persons, of which one Director and one Secretary must reside in the UAE

Dubai Flower Centre is also the one-stop shop for local and international buyers, traders, producers and exporters

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