Title Operations Auditor/Management Auditor
Start Date 2016-10-31
End Date 2016-11-30
Location Dubai, UAE
Job purpose

The role of an operations auditor is to inspect the internal management and functioning of the organization and judge its effectiveness. It may relate to a particular department such as production or sales operations auditor to the entire organization as a whole. The responsibility of the operations auditor is to perform an audit, draw an inference on the management procedures and suggest ways of improving the workflow, cost reduction, efficient pricing policy etc and ensure its implementation.

Key result areas
  • Planning, scheduling and executing the operations audit procedures and principles.
  • Examining the efficiencies of the procurement/production/human resource/ sales and other departments and providing suggestions.
  • Establishing the parameters for evaluating the performance of inter-functional departments.
  • Identifying  and working on the areas in need of improvements and monitoring the effect.
  • Perform a risk-based internal and Operational Audit.
  • Coordinating with clients for determining audit objectives.


Knowledge, skills & experience
  • Thorough knowledge of operations management and auditing.
  • Highly skilled in inspecting, testing and conducting an analysis of internal operational activities.
  • Superior data management, report generating and problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to judge, evaluate and monitor performances of  all the departments in the organization.
  • Excellent leadership, organizational and personal management skills.
  • Professional in receiving, following and executing orders.


  • Thorough understanding of accounting principles
  • Experience in working with all areas of  management operations
Qualifications and Experience:
  • Master’s  Degree in Accounting, Finance or relevant Business field: Member of a professional body is preferred. ( CIA,ACA, ACCA,MBA,CA Inter-with 5yrs experience as Internal Auditor ).
  • 2 to 4 years related experience as Operational Auditor or an Expert Internal Auditor.
  • Advanced knowledge of performance calculations methodologies, metrics, and standards for reporting.
  • The person should be independently able to report to the Directors/ Owners of the company.
  • Good working knowledge in the areas of accounting,financial,knowledge in few industries,financial modelling etc.
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