New Age Build Operate Transfer

The business men and top executives are venturing on to the new age Build Operate Transfer in UAE. There are lot of promising business opportunity in the region and with investors from all over the world coming to Dubai for a piece of action BOT is gaining more importance in UAE.

So how does BOT work in Dubai?

The experienced professional in the industry with vast experience set up the business and then transfer the business to a potential investor. In other words the top executives or the seasoned business men use their knowledge of the local market and set up the business from the scratch and sell at a premium to the investor.

The investor is happy with the deal because it helps him from the hassles of running around for license or legal formalities nor does he have to wait for the learning curve to improve to gain more customers and good suppliers. The established business is ready for the investor just like food on the platter ready to be served. All he has to do is run the business which has a good database of both suppliers and customers. He even has a good staff that has experience in the industry. The simple thing that he has to do is pay for the initial set up cost with a premium for the services of the executives.

There are lot of investors from India, Pakistan, Turkey and even European countries like Spain, etc who are taking this route for investment. With high corporate tax in home country when most of the investors are looking around the world for a tax haven with amazing potential Dubai tops on that list. On micro searching the BOT seems to be a pretty good deal for them.

The top executives or business men with extensive experience in the region are making big bucks in this way. Someone with business in his veins, grey hair of experience and a passion for business they found this as one of the best solution to make quick money while they do what they like the best. The scope of this model only seems to increase with the future projections of the growth in the region.

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