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International Presence


We are a member of IECnet, an international association of accountants, auditors and tax professionals. A member of the Forum of Firms - an organization dedicated to consistent and high-quality standards of financial reporting and auditing practices worldwide. Each network has established an entity to co-ordinate the activities of the network.

The association was formed in 1987 and its members have established an infrastructure of mutual support and share the highest standard of professional duties and clients’ service. All lECnet's members are professionally qualified under the laws of their respective jurisdiction.

IECnet has more than 80 members and extensive personal contacts have been established and strengthened between the members for their benefit and more importantly, for the benefit of their clients. With members located in all six continents, we support our clients in all their international as well as local business requirements to an exceptionally high standard.


Please visit the official website of IECnet for more details.

We are also a member of AITC, an association of independent professional firms composed of lawyers and accountants specialized in Tax. The members of AITC value excellence, professionalism, and teamwork. The goal of AITC is to continually achieve the best interest of clients with utmost integrity.

AITC was founded in the year 2001 established in Switzerland. AITC comprises of lawyers and tax advisers. The association has been intensifying over the past years to gradually grow into an international network, active in five continents. AITC is a truly multi-disciplinary group, competent to advise clients on a wide range of issues, across most major business environments. Our members are focused on serving international businesses offering them assistance in legal and tax related matters.

Our members can be found over 60 jurisdictions across Europe, United States and Canada, South America, Australia, and Asia, making us one of the largest tax advisor networks dedicated to help our clients’ business grow and reach new heights.


Please visit the official website of AITC for more details.

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