Jebel Ali Free Zone(JAFZA)

JAFZA is considered as the biggest free zone in the region. As leading business center in the Middle East JAFZA looking for long term business relationships with the customers. Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority was established in 1985 as part of vision of His Highness Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum. JAFZA had started its operation with a very limited number of companies and it reached now closer to ten thousand of companies including over 120 of the Fortune Global 500 enterprises.

JAFZA looking for alliances with foreign investors by providing them the world class facilities and services enabling them to capture the huge business potential in the region. JAFZA is the first free zone in the world to win the ISO certification; JAFZA also won the Dubai Government Excellence Programme (DGEP) and Dubai Quality award as well. Today Jebel Ali free zone providing 135,000 jobs and a huge contribution to the countries total exports.

JAFZA is one of the key drivers of the Dubai’s economic growth over the years. JAFZA assists its customers to choose the desirable location for their business. Some of the key benefits of Jebel Ali Free Zone are that it offers the customers the complete repatriation of capital and profits, Exemption from corporate and income taxes for a period of 50 years, minimal restrictions. No local partner required. No labor & staff restrictions, excellent port facilities, warehouses, office space, and factories are available for lease.

The JAFZA port has the capacity to handle 15 million containers annually and is serviced by more than 170 shipping lines, thus making it the preferred destination to send and receive sea freight to any port in the world. Being one of the largest Free Zones in Dubai, JAFZA has now developed into a business community within itself.

Starting a Business in Jafza

In order to set up a company in Jafza and become a part of our ever growing business community; the following documents are required:

  • Application for Facility
  • Passports copy of each Individual (Share Holders and Managers)
  • Bank Reference for each individual
  • Project Summary
  • Parent Company’s Profile (In case of Branch formation)
  • Application for Registration a Free Zone Company ” FZCO “(In case of establishing a FZCO)
  • Application for Registration a Free Zone Establishment “FZE” (In case of establishing a FZE).
  • A one time non-refundable application fee of Dhs. 500

Jafza Company Types

Jebel Ali free zone companies may be formed within Jafza as the following types of business (companies):

Free Zone Establishment (FZE) and Free Zone Company (FZCO): FZE and FZCO applicants can avail of Jafza’s unique offer of forming a company as a separate legal entity. A FZE formation can be with a single shareholder with a minimum capital of AED 1 million. An FZCO can be formed with 2 to 5 shareholders with a minimum capital of AED 500,000.

Branch Company: Companies having valid registration and license outside Jafza can apply for the formation of a branch Company in Jafza.

Special Status Non-Resident Offshore Companies: Jafza, under Jebel Ali Free Zone Offshore Companies Regulations 2003, allows the formation of an offshore Company by individuals or corporate bodies, as a non-resident company, having a corporate legal entity.

Jafza License Types

Jafza issues various types of company licences:

General Trading Licence allows the holder to import, distribute and store all items as per Jafza rules and regulations.

Trading Licence allows the holder to import, export, distribute and store items specified on the licence.

Industrial Licence allows the holder to import raw materials, carry out the manufacture of specified products and export the finished product to any country.

Service Licence allows the holder to carry out the services specified in the licence within the Free Zone. The type of service must conform to the parent company’s licence, issued by the Economic Department or Municipality of the relevant Emirate in the UAE.

National Industrial Licence is designed for manufacturing companies with an ownership or shareholding of at least 51% with AGCC (Arabian Gulf Co-operation Council) nationals / citizens. The value added to the product in the Free Zone must amount to a minimum of 40%. This company licence allows the holder the same status as a local or AGCC inside the UAE.


Package Rates

Cost Structure FZE FZC Branch
Registration fee 10,000 15,000 NA
Trading License Type 1 5,500 5,500 5,500
Trading License Type 2 9,000 9,000 9,000
General Trading License 30,000 30,000 30,000
Service License (Br of UAE based company Only) 8,000 8,000 NA
Logistics License 30,000 30,000 30,000
Industrial License Type 1 5,500 5,500 5,500
Industrial License Type 2 9,000 9,000 9,000

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