VAT Training in Dubai, UAE

VAT Training for Businesses in the UAE 


“Wisdom…. comes not from age, but from education and learning.” ― Anton Chekhov

VAT Training in the UAE with Emirates Chartered Accountants Group aims at imparting conceptual knowledge to the senior management and working-level knowledge to the accounting personnel. We at Emirates Chartered Accountants Group believe that an organization and its personnel shall have a basic understanding of the tax laws of the economy in which they are operating. Such UAE VAT training sessions also help in analyzing the organizational tax systems retrospectively and present an opportunity to review the compliance check an organization might have put in place.

We started the UAE VAT training sessions as part of our CSR initiatives and later tailored it to the customized needs of every industry based on our clientele demands. During our UAE VAT Trainings, we also incorporate case studies from different industries which we gained from our practical experiences which can help your team to relate with the concepts better.

Emirates Chartered Accountants Group had trained 1000+ businesses in the UAE on the UAE VAT law. We provide in-house and online UAE VAT Training to Corporates, Banks & SMEs across the UAE which can be customized as per our clientele demands.

VAT Training in Dubai, UAE

VAT Training Dubai, UAE

Emirates Chartered Accountants Group - Offering professional training on VAT in Dubai, UAE.


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VAT Training - What we cover

  • A thorough understanding of the Value Added Tax system
  • Essential principles of UAE VAT Law
  • VAT in UAE Free zones & International Trade
  • Obligations and rights of a Taxable person/business in the UAE
  • Excise Tax
  • Real-scenario case studies

Note: the above-mentioned it is not exhaustive and every UAE VAT Training is designed and crafted as per business needs.

Our well-experienced trainers can guide your team through any queries they have including practical issues they are facing during the VAT Return Filing procedures. UAE VAT training by Emirates Chartered Accountants is a holistic approach in providing working-level knowledge to different levels of stakeholders.

The right knowledge and skillset are necessary for the successful implementation of VAT in the UAE. A lack of knowledge in law of the land can make the management of VAT in an organization significantly difficult and complicated. Such complications may further lead to penalties and compliance failures.

VAT is an indirect tax or a form of general consumption tax. In the UAE, the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) is established to manage the tax-related procedures. Being a newly established system, improvements and changes are regularly made by the authority. To avoid penalties and fines, it is important for organizations to be aware of these new updates.

Being updated about the tax system help businesses to perform smoothly. When you have training regarding the rules and regulations of VAT, the VAT-related processes can be performed with minimum error.

VAT registration and review process is needed for the businesses to avoid violations and thereby penalties. For that, the companies need to understand the principles, protocols, rules, and regulations of VAT. Training in VAT helps to understand the framework of the VAT system and what are the regulatory aspects and legal factors. Training also helps in the proper implementation of the tax system and consistent filing of VAT returns.


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For more information on UAE VAT Training in the UAE, please contact our following representatives:

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People usually ask

VAT registration is to be obtained by a person or company having a taxable transaction in the UAE above the registration threshold. For a resident person, the mandatory registration threshold is AED 375,000/- in the past 12-month period and voluntary registration threshold is AED 187,500/- in the 12-month period. Applicant should also check next 30 days taxable transaction while computing the threshold.
But for a non-resident person, VAT registration is mandatory if he makes any taxable transaction in the UAE for which no other person is tax responsible.

In the UAE, if a person or company is having a taxable transaction and required to register for VAT, will obtain a TRN certificate (VAT Certificate) which mentions the tax registration number and the tax period for the registrant.

An official copy of the VAT Law can be downloaded from the FTA website but for easy understanding and learning, you may join our webinars or workshops. Other resources like blogs, short videos,s, etc are also available on our website for reference.

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