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  • Oct 02,2013
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Business Advisory Services is aimed to help the senior management for improving the effectiveness of corporate strategy, process or operations of the business by assessing the needs and reviewing business functions, plans and directions. The advisory service providers focusing on the current business and future prospects of the business of a client. The object of appointing an advisory team is nothing but the improvement of the business and the company. The Business consultants  examine the legal, tax, finance, market and risk factors involved to start up a business or making changes in the existing business. Importance of Business advisory services in Business Management

  • It helps an organization to develop personal and professional, management and leadership qualities.
  • It makes the business aware of its strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities (SWOT)
  • It helps to recognize and deal with the challenges in management, leadership, accounting, marketing, finance, project management and interpersonal relationships.
  • Business Advisory Services draw the chart through which an organization has to travel to achieve its common goal.
  • They assists in the decision making process of the organization, it helps to give opinion on merger, acquisition, legal cases etc.
  • Restructuring advisory services, development strategies, economic impact analysis, forecasting and modeling, market and feasibility analysis.
  • Formulating business plans, supervision or monitoring of the business plan implementations
How to convert Business ideas into success? – (skills needed for Business advisors)
  • In-depth business knowledge is one of the most important skills required for business advisors. More than anything else, advisors must be able to tell a company how to make a profit, so they must understand the needs of consumers in order to advise companies on how to meet those needs.
  • Communication skills are also important, because business advisors are expected to create and maintain smooth client relations. So effective communication is very important.
  • Business Advisors must be aware of current business trends.
To be successful in an organization the advisors must be able to find new Business opportunities for the organization. Business Advisory services are getting more importance in the current market because the owners of the business are very eager to know where to invest to get maximum return out of that. Emirates Chartered Accountants Group Dubai has a specialized team for Business Advisory Services delivering quality services to lot of business owners in the UAE market. For a free consultation check out or email us to

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