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India Increases Withholding Tax Rate: What You Need to Know!

The withholding Tax rate increased from 10% to 20% for the Royalty / Fees for Technical Services received from India The Indian Finance Bill 2023 has received assent from the President on 31 March 2023. This makes the amendments in the...

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Transfer Pricing for Intangibles

Transfer Pricing impacts the use/transfer of Intangibles amongst the group entities – Have you reviewed yours? The use/transfer of intangibles between the MNE group has accelerated as the world economy moves towards technolo...

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Intra-group Services Transfer Pricing Guidelines

Intra-group Services Under Transfer Pricing With the introduction of the Corporate Tax Regime in the UAE (effective from June 2023), Transfer Pricing Regulation will also be introduced. It has been conveyed through the Public Consultat...

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Transfer Pricing in UAE- Forthcoming Regulation in the UAE

What is Transfer Pricing? Conceptually, Transfer Pricing refers to a pricing mechanism with respect to the price charged for goods and services supplied or transferred by one subunit of an organization to another sub-unit or one group...

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BEPS 2.0 - Pillar Two - Global Minimum Tax- Development on OECD

BEPS 2.0 - Pillar Two - Global Minimum Tax Building on its work on BEPS 2.0 - focuses on addressing the tax challenges of digitalization of the economy, the OECD/G20 Inclusive Framework released Pillar Two (Global Minimum Tax) Model Ru...

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Have you known about the Tax-treaty between KSA and UAE and its implications?

Tax Treaty between the UAE and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia The Income Tax Treaty also referred to as the Double Tax Avoidance Agreement between the United Arab Emirates (‘UAE’) and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (‘KSA’...

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Reforming the International Tax System BEPS 2.0 - Two-Pillar Solution

Reforming the International Tax System BEPS 2.0 - Two-Pillar Solution Over the past years, the international tax environment has remained in flux and has become increasingly complex. The Base Erosion and Profit Shifting proje...

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File the Details of its Beneficial Owners Before the Due Date

Beneficial Owner Procedures / UBO – Adhering the Deadlines Beneficial Owner Procedures Regulation commonly known as UBO was introduced in the UAE vide Cabinet Decision No. 58 of 2020, on 24 August 2020. Beneficial Owner Procedure...

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VAT in GCC Countries-Taxation in GCC

VAT in GCC Countries-Taxation in GCC Although taxation has a long history in the world, it played a relatively minor role in the Gulf Region until 2015. The Countries of the Gulf Region are colloquially known as GCC Countries....

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Income Tax in GCC| Income Tax in Gulf Countries

Income Tax in GCC Income Tax in GCC: The Oman Ministry of Finance, in its recent Medium-Term Fiscal Plan of 2020-2024 revealed its plan to introduce Income tax on high net worth individuals from 2022.  Income Tax in GCC...

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