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  • Oct 19,2013
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Business set ups in UAE especially in Abu Dhabi - KIZAD, the Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi is one of the world’s biggest industrial zones, which was started its operation during November 2010. KIZAD offers industries with new ways of conducting their business. It also offers incomparable prospects for them to grow in their core business sector. This big project is a division of Abu Dhabi Ports Company, the ADPC, which spans over an area of 417 square kilometers. This proves to be a crucial part for Abu Dhabi Government’s Economic Vision. Why investors in UAE choose Kizad Kizad shows huge potential to the investors.  With its massive size and well planned approach it will inevitably become one of the world’s foremost industrial zones.  It is set to become hub for manufacturing, logistics and trade. The planning and organization of Kizad is designed in such a way that it will add value at every stage of the supply chain by enhancing productivity. It also offers easy market access and creating huge job opportunities for the local and skilled expatriates. With efficient access to markets, lower working cost and greater ease of doing business Kizad will provide you a long term competitive advantage.   Hence huge numbers of foreign investors are interested for Business set up in UAE especially in Abu Dhabi. Utilities offered by Kizad

  • One of the major operating costs for industrial companies is utilities, which is why Abu Dhabi offers gas, water and electrical power at some of the lowest rates in the world. Furthermore Kizad can create competitively priced infrastructure solutions tailored to address the specific utilities and logistics needs of major manufacturing projects.
  • Further the individuals and most companies in Abu Dhabi are not subject to tax on their income.
  • Ownership approach – in Kizad, foreign companies can opt for the ownership approach that best suits their business needs.
-For companies involved in industrial and manufacturing activities, choosing a joint venture with a local company (taking up to 49% ownership) allows them to claim exemption from import duties on raw materials; Goods manufactured in this case will be exempt from customs duties when exported to most GCC countries. - 100% foreign- owned companies can avoid duties on imported goods kept in bonded status in the Industrial Zone and re-exported from the UAE.   Business set up in UAE especially in Abu Dhabi has been increased tremendously in recent days. The well known Industrial Zone Kizad is well set to play a vital role in Abu Dhabi Economy by 2030, by giving way for foreign direct investment. Emirates Chartered Accountants Group assists the investors for setting up business all over the UAE. For a free consultation contact us at          

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