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Company Formation in the UAE: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a business hub for international trade. The country is a federation of seven Emirates namely, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm al Quwain and Fujairah with all advanced infrastructure facilities. It is also known as “The Heaven of Commerce” attracting investors here opting for Company Formation in the UAE.

The past years have shown us a steady growing economy with the support of Tax-free income, Policies & regulatory framework, government support & relationship with all countries etc. Dubai always attracts investors to plant their business seeds and achieving the success that they desired. Dubai is a global trading hub and an investment destination in various business activities such as trading, import, export, logistics, hospitality, event management, financial services, construction and so on. All this has been possible with the market’s sociable business policies of government making Company Formation in the UAE desirable and seamless.

Business Setup Consultancy Service in Dubai, UAE.

Company Formation in Dubai, UAE

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Why you should opt for Company Formation in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is a country always thriving and passionate to be at the top in most advanced technologies and economic up-gradation on every sector. The UAE also provides world-class infrastructure, flexible government policies, acceptance of investors irrespective of country of origin.

Following are the reasons for the success of investments in Dubai, UAE:

  • Government support for Import & Export, encouraging suppliers to access the global market.
  • Geographical structure made the country as a resource-rich region.
  • UAE has global access with more than 100 Airlines and 175 Shipping lines.
  • UAE has no trade barriers (No quotas for exchange controls)
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profit.
  • No personal and corporate tax
  • There are no restrictions on the exchange of currency.
  • Most advanced transportation facility
  • Developed financial and service sector.
  • Flexible government policies
  • Access to a world-class lifestyle.
  • Easy access and developed hospitality facilities, education and research center, and medical facilities.

In the UAE we can offer three different types of Company Formation in the UAE, such as Mainland companies, Free zone companies, and Offshore companies.

Mainland Company Setup

A Mainland company is a company registered in the Department of Economic Development (DED) in the United Arab Emirates. This means that if you choose to conduct your business in the UAE Mainland, it is mandatory to register the business entity with one of the Department of Economic Development in the UAE, which will then provide you with a business license to start doing business in UAE. In UAE all the seven emirates are having separate Department of Economic Development offices. + Read More

Free zone Company Setup

UAE Free Zones are special economic zones set up with the objective of offering tax-free, and free customs duty benefits to expatriate investors. UAE Free zones are designed for boosting international business by providing complete ownership to foreign investors. A free zone company is the most fruitful legal entity that not only offers the benefit of 100% ownership to the investors or entrepreneurs but a host of other exclusive advantages that other legal forms do not have. Normally for setting up companies in the UAE mainland, the expatriates need a local sponsor but through free zone companies the expatriate can set up their business without the local sponsor and he can enjoy 100% repatriation of capital profits. A free zone offers 100 % corporate and personal income tax benefits. + Read More

Offshore Company Set Up

A UAE Offshore Company is a legal business entity, where you can do the business internationally, outside the UAE Jurisdiction. UAE Offshore companies can hold properties and companies in any part of the world including the UAE. Offshore Companies in the UAE should not be confused with UAE Free Zone companies. Unlike any other company, setting up an Offshore company mandatorily requires a registered agent.

Why Emirates Chartered Accountants Group for Business Set Up Consultancy Services in the UAE?

  • While consulting for Business Set Up Consultants, they can review all the necessary details that will be required for setting up your business in UAE and advise you on the best-suited company formation zones in the UAE like Mainland, Freezone, or Offshore as per your business structure and need.
  • Our Company Formation team would give you the most necessary strategizing plan before you start your business.
  • Essential guidance on the preparation of documents and legal formalities that would be required to submit the authority.
  • Will advise on getting initial approval of your trade name and security approval.
  • Proper advice on the selection of office spaces | warehouses.
  • Experts advise with regard to opening your company bank accounts and personal bank account.
  • VAT applicability guidance on your business scenarios.
  • Experts evaluation on overall costs and expenses while forming a company in the UAE.

Experts advice should always be initially taken when you have a vision of setting up a business in a new region. When finances are involved you should know what is best for you by consulting for your business.

Business Setup/Company Formation - Services Areas

Emirates Chartered Accountants Group provides Business Set-Up consultancy services in the UAE with regard to Company Formation in the UAE shall be provided in accordance with the UAE laws and regulations of Company Formation. An expert’s opinion will definitely improve your business plans and strategies in the broadest way as they will dig to the deeper levels of expertise by strategizing the safest road of implementation and progress.

  • Mainland company formation in Dubai, UAE
  • Free zone Company Formation in Dubai, UAE
  • Offshore Company Formation in UAE
  •  PRO Services in UAE • Company Liquidation | De-registration in UAE

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People usually ask

In Dubai, we can set up companies in the mainland, free zone, and offshore. You can set a company in Dubai as low as Aed 10,000/- and it may vary based on the activities and different jurisdictions.

In Dubai, you can form the company in the mainland, free zone, and offshore. Consulting license is always a service / professional license and you can be 100% ownership in the free zone or in the mainland. But on the mainland, you required a local agent to form the company.

We Emirates International Chartered accountants are having a handful of experience in forming companies in different jurisdictions in the UAE for the last 15 years and we have an experienced group of professionals for handling any projects.

The time frame to set up a company in Dubai depends on your business activity and requirement. Normally for a trading license in the mainland require 8 working days to complete the process. In the free zone, it takes 5 working days

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