Local Sponsor Services in the UAE & PRO Services in Dubai, UAE

Local Sponsor & PRO Services in Dubai, UAE


A local sponsor in the UAE is an Emirati or a UAE national with a family membership card (Gincia), who acts as your service agent for your business in the UAE.

A local sponsor for companies in the UAE can be an individual/s or corporate. Here, if it is a corporate sponsor that company has to be 100% owned by UAE / GCC National/s.

As per the UAE Companies Law and UAE Civil Law, to form a limited liability company (LLC) in the mainland a minimum of 51% local share is a must. A foreign share in such kind of company should not exceed 49% however, distribution in the profits shared can be mutually agreed between the parties.

Some types of professional companies and civil companies can be owned 100% by an expatriate shareholder, where the local sponsor will act as a Local Service Agent (LSA)

Local Sponsor Services in the UAE & PRO Services in Dubai, UAE

Get a Local Sponsor in the UAE

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How will Emirates Chartered Accountants Group help you get a Local Sponsor in the UAE?

Emirates Chartered Accountants Group assures 100% assistance in obtaining an authentic, genuine, well-grounded and reliable UAE national or an Emirati in order to act as your local sponsor in the UAE.

The International Companies Regulations requires no local shareholding in an offshore company as opposed to the companies incorporated in the mainland of UAE, which requires mandatory local shareholding. Therefore, foreign investors either individual or corporate entities may own 100% share equity.

Role of a Local Sponsor in the UAE

Local sponsor in the UAE is not only responsible to share the shares in the company. But instead, he is also responsible for some important dealings as mentioned below:

  • Cancellation of employees work visa
  • Cancellation of the labour status for employees
  • Closing the bank accounts
  • To settle any outstanding debt if there is any


PRO Services in Dubai, UAE

What are the different types of PRO Services in Dubai, UAE that we offer?

There is a wide array of PRO Services in Dubai, UAE that Emirates Chartered Accountants Group offers to its clients. Our team is specialized in all the PRO Services in Dubai, UAE as mentioned below:

  • PRO Services in Dubai, UAE for Company Formation
  • PRO Services in Dubai, UAE for Company Liquidation
  • Employment Visa Process Application
  • Visa Renewal
  • Visa Cancellation
  • Registration and Renewal of Trade Licenses
  • Emirates ID
  • Application of Labour and Immigration Card
  • Processing’s & approvals from government departments
  • Translation of legal documents
  • Attestation and Notarisation of Documents

Local Sponsor Services UAE
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  • 100% reliable assistance
  • Support and guidance on registration, licensing and office set-up
  • Saves time and money
  • Proper work progress
  • No suspensions and extra cost

Investors and company formation in the UAE are a thriving business in this country. Business magnates from all over the universe choose UAE for investment and forming a company in the UAE. ‘Local sponsor is a general term used in the UAE to refer to local service agents when you form a company in the mainland with foreign investment.

PRO Services in Dubai, UAE
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  • 100% Reliable
  • Crystal Clear Proceedings
  • 100% Commitment
  • Error Omission
  • Time Saver

Running errands is not always feasible and an easy task. Emirates Chartered Accountants Group provides the most efficient PRO Services in Dubai, UAE with utmost commitment and excellence to our valuable customers maintaining crystal clear relationship with all the proceedings that we do. The PRO Service team assures that the work is commenced and progressed as per it has been committed to the clients.

We will take up all the burden of running errands across the government departments with regard to formal proceedings and allow you to utilise your time for other important works.

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