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  • Sep 28,2013
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CFO Services in Dubai is gaining more demand in day by day. When business and the economy is growing it is advisable to have a financial advisor in the company to manage all your financial requirements professionally. CFO is corporate officer primarily responsible for managing the financial risks of the corporation; he will be responsible for financial planning and record keeping as well as financial reporting to higher management. Company formation in Dubai is getting to its peak stage and companies need more professionalism in handling finance aspects of the business.

The CFO Job description can be briefly summed up into the following:

  1. Formulating strategy: The CFO works closely with CEO and manages financial plans that ensure that the financial objectives of the company are achieved. The growth in profit to maximizing the shareholders value is included as a part of this strategy. The analyzing of the various risks are minimized using through management decision making and innovations.
  2. Operations: The CFO understands the full functioning of the financial operations of the business. The CFO needs to understand the full business cycle in and out and needs to ensure that maximum output is delivered.
  3. Facilitator: The CFO needs to ensure that the accurate financial documents are given to the concerned personnel for efficient running of the business. The various compliance procedures have to be followed to ensure that the financial reports reflect the true picture. The controls and risk factors also have to be scrutinized.
  4.  Innovation: The CFO has to initiate new company policies that keep company up to date with rest of the world. CFO services in Dubai is challenging because there is change happening every day in Dubai. The innovative decisions have to be taken after having talks with the other department heads.

The CFO services in UAE also needs to ensure just like other parts of the world that he has to act as the face of the finance and accounts department to the outsiders while protecting the interest of the business. With growing demands for business houses to be professional ever on the rise the need for CFO services has been on increase. The success to company’s emerging out of recession in Dubai is also partly because of the efficient strategic planning of the CFOs.

CFO services in Dubai can be availed even from part time to suit the needs of the growing needs of SME sector in the region. The Emirates Chartered Accountants group provides part time CFO services to the clients. You may check out to get in touch with the expert consultants.

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