Cheapest Free Zones in the UAE

Cheapest Free Zones in the UAE

Emirates Chartered Accountants Group is one of the leading business consultancy firms in the UAE. We have been serving with Company Set Up Services in the UAE since a span of 14 years with happy customers availing our services. UAE Free Zones offers entrepreneurs and business enthusiast with a wide range of benefits and varied choices that they can avail while they choose to take Company Set Up Services in the UAE. This blog will give a brief description of the cheapest free zones in the UAE and the kind of benefits that Cheapest Free Zones in the UAE offers.

Ajman Media City Free Zone

Ajman media is a UAE Free Zone which is one of the newly established and fastest growing free zones in the United Arab Emirates. It is located in the city of Ajman. It has been formed with an aspiration to create a dependable, harmonious and a professional environment for businesses and individuals alike.

We Emirates Chartered Accountants can support you to start your venture with Ajman Media city free zone with the minimum cost as it is one of the cheapest free zones in the UAE.

What are the Benefits of establishing a company is Ajman Media City Free Zone?

  • Avail 100% Ownership
  • Cheapest License in the United Arab Emirates
  • Free impartial consultation.
  • No physical office space requirement.

What are the Offers in Ajman Media City Free Zone?

  • SMI Packages (Social Media Influencer) for AED 2,500/-
  • Business club packages AED 8,500/-
  • Bronze package AED 11,500/-
  • Silver Package AED 14,500/-
  • Silver Plus package AED 17,500/-
  • Gold Package AED 25,500/- 

KIZAD (Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi)

Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi is one of the well emerging free zones in the United Arab Emirates, located in Abu Dhabi. KIZAD offers a wide range of business solutions along with plenty of infrastructure facilities for all kind of business strategies. The easy access to various mode of transportation like road, air & sea is the unique advantages of KIZAD.

KIZAD offers a various solution for all kind of businesses. It is suitable for different business activities and they are providing their own advanced infrastructure facilities whether it is small scale or large-scale business.

The unique advantages of KIZAD are extensive in size, world-class infrastructure, free zone, and non-free zone solutions, dedicated investor support, tax-free environment with competitive operating costs and strategic location with access to regional and international markets. These contribute to making KIZAD one of the world’s foremost port-integrated industrial zones and a leading hub for the manufacturing, logistics, and trade across diverse sectors. Along with all these end numbers of facilities that KIZAD is providing it is also one of the cheapest free zones in the UAE.

What are the Benefits of forming a company in KIZAD?

  • Easy access to different Mode of Transportations
  • Millions of Air Freight Capacity
  • Toes Shipment Capacity
  • Customized Packages for all kind of Businesses

 What are the different kinds of Packages you can avail while forming a company in KIZAD?

  • License cost for 1 visa package AED 11,000/-
  • License cost for 2 visa package AED 13,000/-
  • License cost for 3 visa package AED 15,000/-
  • License cost for 4 visa package AED 17,000/-

RAKEZ (Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone)

RAKEZ is situated in the heart of Ras Al Khaimah. It is a powerhouse business and an industrial hub in the UAE that uniquely offers customizable solutions to free zone and non-free zone businesses. From freelancers and startups to SMEs and industrialists, our multinational community is flourishing in over 50 different industries also making RAKEZ as one of the cheapest free zones in the UAE.

We always place our clients at the heart of everything that we do, providing them with cost-effective set-up packages, modern facilities, and first-class services to help them reach their full potential. Blessed with a strategic location, we connect investors to growing markets in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe as well as South and Central Asia.

What are the Benefits of forming a company in RAKEZ (Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone)?

  • Customized Solutions: Offering clients choices and customized packages providing smart solutions.
  • Diversification: A wide range of industries, sectors, and activities for entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs, manufacturers, traders, and logistics companies with easy access to global markets through different specialized zone locations.
  • Experts With Confidence: Having the required talent, knowledge, and tools to advise and service clients.
  • Efficient In Everything We Do: Offering seamless services and fast delivery in a transparent environment that is “easy to do business with” through digital and one-stop shop locations.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Delivering affordable premium business solutions.

What the different kind of packages RAKEZ (Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone) can offer?

  • Zero visa packages AED 11,440/-
  • One visa packages AED 15,868/-
  • Two visa packages AED 19,628/-
  • General trading License from AED 17,040/- 

IFZA (International Free Zone Authority)

International Free Zone Authority based in Fujairah. IFZA set to quickly become a leading business hub within the UAE Economy. Offering a highly customized approach with standards and cost-effective solutions making IFZA as one of the cheapest free zones in the UAE.

What are the benefits of forming a company in IFZA (International Free Zone Authority)?

  • Fast & easy incorporation and company management.
  • The wide and comprehensive range of business activities including Consultancy, Service and Trading options.
  • Business owners are not required to be physically present during the incorporation process.
  • Companies have limited liability.
  • Zero foreign currency restrictions.
  • Full repatriation of company profits and capital.
  • Ability to incorporate holding companies.
  • Ability to incorporate holding companies.

What are the packages you can avail in IFZA (International Free Zone Authority)?

  • Holding Company License AED 9,500
  • Consultancy License AED 11,500
  • Trading License AED 13,500

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