Company Formation in Abu Dhabi Mainland

Company Formation in Abu Dhabi Mainland

Business set up in Abu Dhabi is progressed through the Department of Economic Development, with a recognized approach from the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry. It is a legal body which regulates and controls the licensing procedures for company formation in Abu Dhabi. It was formed to organize and activate industry as well as internal and external trade in the Emirate and prepare studies relating to industrial and commercial activities. Company Formation in Abu Dhabi is now a hassle-free process than ever providing an ideal location for business set up services in the UAE.

What are the different types of Licenses issued Under business set up in Abu Dhabi?

Type of License
Issuing Entity
Commercial License  Issued to owners of companies or establishments for practising business activities.  Example: (general trading, construction, real estate, transportation, clinics, hospitals, etc …). Department of Economic Development
Agricultural License Issued to the owners of agricultural farms, animal production or sea products. Department of Economic Development
Professional License Issued to artisans who personally practice a profession or craft for his own account, relying on his physical effort, or aided by some tools and equipment.  Example: (carpentry, typing, steelworks… etc) Department of Economic Development
Issued to professionals who rely on their abilities, mental and intellectual capabilities, talents and scientific capacities.  Example: (consulting offices, law firms, audit offices … etc). Department of Econ

What are the benefits of company formation in Abu Dhabi?

U.A.E. offers incoming businesses and business set up in Abu Dhabi with all the advantages of a highly developed economy. The infrastructure and services match the highest international standards, facilitating efficiency, quality and service. Among the benefits are:

  • Free enterprise system.
  • Highly developed transport infrastructure.
  • State-of-the-art telecommunications
  • Sophisticated financial and services sector.
  • Top international exhibition and conference venue.
  • High-quality office and residential accommodation
  • Reliable power, utilities etc.
  • First-class hotels, hospitals, schools, shops etc. Cosmopolitan lifestyle
How will Emirates Chartered Accountants Group help with business set up in Abu Dhabi?

1.   Review all the essential requirements of your business activities to suggest the best license where you can open your Company in the UAE mainland.
2.    Support you in strategizing your business plan.
3.    Assistance in preparing the application form which has to be submitted to the DED.
4.    Getting your trade name approval, Initial Approval and security approval
5.    Attesting the legal documents from the concerned department of the authorities for corporate clients.
6.    Drafting the MOA of the company.
7.    Proper guidance while selecting the ware house/s or offices.
8.    Support and guidance for E – channel registration and obtaining the establishment card.
9.    Assistance for opening your company bank account/s and personal bank account.
10.    Visa assistance for employees as well as investors.
11.    Selection of suitable employees for your newly formed company
12.    Proper guidance while appointing an auditor, as having an auditor is a compliance requirement for free zone companies.
13.    VAT Compliance and Advisory support for VAT Registration | VAT Implementation | VAT Return Filing
14.    Provisions for Accounting & Book Keeping services
15.    Support for Company Liquidation
16.    To add or remove existing shareholder or Director
17.    To change the trade name of the company.
18.    To produce additional company documentation (Certificate of Incumbency, Certificate of Good Standing, etc.)
19.    To increase or decrease your company share capital

Establishing a business in Abu Dhabi is an excellent way to rightfully gain international profits. Emirates Chartered Accountants Group provides clients with licensing support to set up their businesses in Abu Dhabi, UAE by providing strategic recommendations and negotiations with local stakeholder along with documentation formalities.

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