Company Formation in Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) Free Zone

  • Oct 01,2013
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A Company Formation in Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone (RAK) is the combination of License, Legal entity and the facility it offers to the investor. RAK Free Zone offers you a number of options to choose for setting up a business entity. During the past few years, RAK is focusing to become a serious investment destination in the UAE, as well as one of the top tourist points in the Gulf Region. The RAK Free Zone, with its advanced technological facilities and more focus on customer, delivers on-demand and custom-built supporting services to the investors in a cost beneficial and flexible environment. The Free Zone also provides a pattern of unique services including human resources and marketing.

RAK Free zone company formation allows the following licenses:

RAK Free Zone authority allows the investor for setting up all kind of business entities in the free zone.

v  Commercial License

v  General Trading License

v  Consultancy/ Services License

v  Industrial License

The free zone authority ensures good infrastructural facilities to the business people for Company Formation in RAK Free Zone, which includes;

Standard offices, Warehouses, Executive offices, Shell and core facilities, Industrial Land, Staff Accommodation etc.

Types of Legal Entities formed in RAK Free Zone Company set up

Free zones in UAE are one of the key business areas where more investors are focused. The owner enjoys complete ownership in the company and tax benefits also attractive. The RAK Free zone companies include either a new business or a branch of an existing organization.

New business establishments in RAK Free Zone:

v  Free Zone Establishment (FZE): an organization set up with a single owner.

v   Free Zone Company (FZC): business owned by two to five partners.

Branches in RAK Free Zone:

v  Local Branch: Branch of a domestic firm operating in UAE

v  Foreign Branch: Branch of a foreign firm operating outside UAE

Company Formation in RAK Free Zone is getting more prominence in the region because the economy is booming and the easy access to the major international centre like Dubai has attracted hundreds of large, medium and small businesses from every part of the world.  Emirates Chartered Accountants Group Dubai is a registered agent for company formation in RAKIA. You may reach at

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