Company Set Up in UAE Creative City Free Zone Fujairah

Company Set up in UAE Creative City free zone Fujairah

 A Comprehensive Guide to Setting Up Your Company in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone

Established in 2007, Fujairah Creative City Free Zone has emerged as a prime destination for investors looking to establish businesses in the realms of media and related activities. This comprehensive guide delves into the various aspects of company setup in this vibrant free zone, highlighting its key advantages, procedures, and benefits.

Overview of Fujairah Creative City Free Zone:

Fujairah Creative City Free Zone was founded with the objective of attracting investors to set up their companies in the fields of media, events, consulting, education, communication, and marketing. As a relatively newer entrant compared to established media hubs like Media City in Dubai and TwoFour54 in Abu Dhabi, Creative City offers a fresh and innovative environment for businesses to thrive.

Advantages of Setting Up in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone:

One of the primary advantages of establishing a company in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone is its cost-effectiveness. Not only are the incorporation costs relatively low, but the overall cost of living in Fujairah is also more affordable compared to other Emirates in the UAE. Moreover, Creative City facilitates a hassle-free process for obtaining government approvals, work permits, and visas for its clients.

Key Benefits of Company Setup in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone:

1. **No NOC Requirement:** Unlike many other free zones in the UAE, Fujairah Creative City Free Zone does not require a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your current sponsor, making the setup process smoother.
2. **No Paid-Up Share Capital:** There is no mandatory requirement for a minimum paid-up share capital, providing flexibility to businesses of all sizes.
3. **No Annual Audit:** Companies established in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone are exempt from the obligation of undergoing an annual audit, reducing administrative burdens.
4. **Remote Incorporation:** Investors can complete the company incorporation process remotely, without the need to visit the free zone in Fujairah.
5. **Streamlined Documentation:** The free zone does not mandate the submission of educational certificates, simplifying the documentation process.
6. **Quick License Issuance:** Company trade licenses are typically issued within 7 working days, allowing businesses to commence operations swiftly.

Documentation Required for Company Setup:

To initiate the company setup process in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone, investors need to provide the following documents:
- Completed online application form signed by shareholders
- Color copies of passport and visa pages of shareholders; in case of absence of a visa, the last entry stamp in the UAE suffices
- Company profile or business plan outlining the nature of the proposed business activities

Consultation and Assistance:

Emirates Chartered Accountants Group stands ready to assist investors in navigating the process of company formation in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone. With extensive experience and expertise, our consultants ensure a seamless setup experience, saving both time and resources for our clients.


Fujairah Creative City Free Zone offers a conducive environment for businesses in the media and related sectors, with its cost-effective setup process, streamlined documentation requirements, and quick license issuance. With expert guidance from Emirates Chartered Accountants Group, investors can embark on their entrepreneurial journey with confidence and ease in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone.

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