Advisory of Corporate Tax in UAE

Corporate Tax Advisory

Every stage in business development has its financial and fiscal side, often more complex than first thought. 

Whether you are restructuring your organization or expanding your business, its value and financial position will often be accompanied by a variety of tax assessments including corporate tax, credit for taxes withheld in foreign countries, implications on intercorporate transactions, etc. 

Managing the corporation tax issues of a business can be complex, particularly when you are trying to juggle strategy, compliance, planning, and risk. 

Our corporate Tax Advisory Team can help you make the right decisions at the right time and ensure that your core business objectives are met and that taxation issues do not end up running your business.

Our Corporate Tax Professionals have the requisite skills to precisely pinpoint potential tax problems and provide you with complete and practical advice, taking into consideration the latest development in the legislation. 

Emirates Chartered Accountants Group can help you at a strategic business planning level to understand the effect your business strategies may have on your tax profile by:

  • Addressing specific queries on the applicability of Corporate Tax Provisions as raised by the organization
  • Diagnostic review of transactions to adopt tax positions 
  • Devising tax-efficient structures
  • Identifying opportunities to optimize direct tax outgo
  • Structuring of cross border and multi-jurisdictional transactions
  • Providing regular updates
  • Review of withholding tax on the transactions with foreign jurisdictions

Our seasoned tax professionals are always at your service to render their support in:

Emirates Chartered Accountants Group - Corporate Tax in Dubai, UAE.


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