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E-commerce License in Sharjah- SHAMS Freezone

As per the new and latest trend, most of customers have shifted to e-commerce platforms for their shopping needs due to their convenience. Also, due to the current situation and market trends, all your shopping needs are at your fingertips. Most supermarkets and hypermarkets started their own mobile application or online shopping platform for selling their products easily. The pandemic has also led to an increase in cashless transactions due to the limited movement of people.

Moreover, E-commerce is said to be one of the most profitable businesses in the UAE. There are numbers to prove this statement. The e-commerce sector in UAE is anticipated to surpass $8 billion by 2025. People who wish to set up an e-commerce business in the Emirates should always go with  Sharjah as their first preference. As Shams free zone in Sharjah, provide the cheapest / most affordable e-commerce license in UAE which help investors or entrepreneurs to select Sharjah as their first option.  

All through the years, as the internet became a popular platform for all types of communication and transactions, e-commerce has spread throughout the globe, especially; E-commerce business in UAE is flourishing, making it a massive part of the global economy.

Shams Free Zone is one of the most cost-effective places where entrepreneurs can start their businesses with very small investments. In addition to that, there are many other benefits of the Shams Free zone e-commerce license 

The main benefits of SHAMS Freezone licenses are:

The main attraction and benefit is the price for the e-commerce license at Shams free zone. The license cost is only AED 5,750/-. This includes a business license, memorandum of association, lease agreement, share certificate, and certificate of formation. Also if you require, you can also add two more extra business activities at the same price. 

The main advantage is that company formation can be done online or virtually. Shams accept all kinds of digital verification through the customer portal. For company formation, Shams Free Zone does not require any attested copy of the passport and corporate documentation. Shams do not require any original documents for the company formation. This will help to reduce the cost and help to save time for the process of company formation.  Shams e-commerce license allows you to have up to 50 shareholders in a single license. 

Shams Free zone also offers some other kinds of licenses, like the Trader package. Trader package means you can have e-commerce business activity and General trading business activity in a single license. The Trader package license will cost you only AED 6,500/-. This includes a business license, memorandum of association, lease agreement, share certificate, and certificate of formation. Also, you can have a maximum of up to 50 shareholders in a single license. 

Shams allows you to have a virtual lease agreement with a license and the virtual lease agreement allows you to have six visas on the license. If you want to increase the number of visas, you have to go for a physical office / co-working space. Shams Free Zone is also providing a co-working space and physical office facility. Many facilities are available at the virtual lease agreement that includes printers, Wi-Fi, and other basic necessities like a coffee machine, water, etc. Shams Free Zone also provides concierge services like;

• VIP medical test services
• Phone answering services.
• Family / Dependents visa applications.
• Bank account opening.
• PO Box services. 

The free zone will also enable shareholders to sponsor their family members and dependents. The Shams Free Zone provides a  wide range of business activities. Shams Free Zone offers more than 1,000 business activities which include all kinds of consultancy, trading, and industrial activity. The best option that Shams offers the license with the combination of service activity and trading activity in one license. In addition to that Shams Free Zone also offers to holding license activity without any third-party approval which allows conducting business activity regionally and internationally.

Documents are required to register the e-commerce license at Shams Free Zone. 

As we mentioned above the documentation process is very simple to form the company at Shams Free Zone. The list of documents is mentioned below;

If the Shareholder is individual 

• A valid passport copy 
• Visa copy or National ID copy (if applicable)
• Passport size picture 
• Email id 
• Contact number
• 2- 3 suggested names for the company.
• Details about the business activity. 

If the Shareholder is a corporate / company

• License/incumbency certificate.
• Board resolution to form the company.
• Passport copy of the manager.
• Passport-size picture of the manager.
• Details about the ultimate beneficial owners. 

Step-by-step process to obtain an e-commerce license at Shams Free Zone. 

The various steps to obtain an e-commerce license from Shams Free Zone are mentioned below:

• Choose the business activity. 
• Decide the legal structure of the business. 
• Registering the trade name for the new company.
• Submit the required documents to the free zone authority. 
• Decide the type of office space required, no.of staff required, etc.
• Pay the Govt fee against the payment voucher from the free zone authority. 
• Receive the legal documents of the new company. 

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