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e-commerce license for AED 5,750 in Shams Free zone

Shams media city free zone authority is providing an e-commerce license for AED 5,750 for one year and if you are going for multiple years there will be huge discounts.
We can apply for up to six visas for the e-commerce activity from the free zone.

Also, you can carry the trading of all the products online except tobacco products, alcohol products, and pharmaceuticals products. 

Why do You Need to Choose UAE for E-Commerce License?

UAE is a global trading hub and investment destination in various business activities such as trading, import, export, logistics, hospitality, event management, financial services, construction, and so on.

Once we are thinking about an investment in a business, the first place that came to our mind is Dubai, UAE. The following are reasons of it. 

8 main benefits of an e-commerce license in the UAE

The main benefit of an e-commerce license are mentioned below;
1.    You can register your own trade name and protect it.
2.    The owner can be the 100% shareholder of the company and the local sponsor is not required to form an e-commerce license. 
3.    You can participate in exhibitions conducted in Dubai.
4.    You can open a bank account easily. 
5.    You can register with Dubai Chamber and export and import products.
6.    Obtaining Dubai Chamber membership to facilitate export and import operations.
7.    You can conduct training and workshops.
8.    You can do ads on social media about your products or services. 

By obtaining this license legally you can promote and sell your products and services through the social media pages, including Instagram, Facebook, website, etc., and with this license, the individuals are permitted lawfully to participate in exhibitions and conferences. 

The concerned authority always conducts workshops and training for E-Commerce license-owners to get more idea of how you can do the business and receive payment legally. Also, the authority provides guidance and innovative techniques to increase sales. 

Who will be eligible e-commerce license?

This license can be registered under the name of an Emirati or GCC citizen or expatriate and his / her age should be a minimum of 18 or above. It is not allowed to open a physical office or shop under an e-commerce license. Even you can form the company remotely also. 

Why E-Commerce Business is Successful in UAE?

•    Strategic Location
•    Govt policy.
•    Highly innovative technology. 
•    No taxation
•    Safe Place to Live and to Initiate Business
•    Residency Visa
•    Infrastructure facility
•    High-Quality Lifestyle
•    Renowned Multinational Companies.

Documents required for applying for an E-commerce license. 

The documents required to apply for an e-commerce license are very simple. They are;

•    Passport copy of the shareholder/owner of the company.
•    2 – 3 suggested names for the company.
•    NOC is not required if the shareholder/owner is working somewhere.

The process of getting an e-commerce license is very simple.

The steps are mentioned below. 

1.    Submit the documents required to form the company.
2.    Get the name approved by the authority. 
3.    Prepare the application with all the information about the shareholder/owner.
4.    Submitting the application back to authority after getting a sign from the shareholder/owner. 
5.    You must provide information about your social media accounts when registering for the license.

How does COVID Positively Impact an E-Commerce Business?

Nowadays we must discuss the business cycle as Pre COVID-19 period and Post COVID – 19. During the Pre COVID period, all the business people used to do and think about the traditional way to do the business. Even though there are facilities to do business online or through e-commerce, people are not utilizing the opportunity. 

But after COVID 19 effect businesses started doing business through e-commerce and online websites. Due to the COVID-19, there was a look down on the entire market and businesspeople started thinking about utilizing the technology for doing business. 

Even the government started promoting e-commerce business by reducing the fee for the new license. Some free zone authorities even provide fifty percent discounts. 

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