Excise Tax Registration | Know the Do’s and Don’ts while Amending Your Excise Tax Registration Form

Excise tax registration amendments

Amendment to your Excise Tax Registration is necessary if there is any change on the content of your application already submitted or nature of business is amended subsequently. Complying to the rules and regulations laid by the Authority is a mandate because the Tax Authority can carry out a Tax Audit at any time when they feel it is necessary to do so. If you are a Taxable person registered under Excise Tax and there are circumstances that impact your tax record kept by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA), the amendment to the registration has to be done within twenty business days. These twenty business days will be calculated from the date of occurrence of such circumstances. The amendment of the Excise Tax Registration will be done by using Edit or Amendment options. Once the amendment request is processed it will be as a draft or in pending state till the final approval from the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). Once the Amendment application is in ‘Drafted‘ or ‘Pending’  state, the applicant will not be able to initiate another amendment through ‘Edit’ option.

What you need to know before proceeding for amending your Excise Tax Registration?

  • Restrictions from Amendments.

There are certain fields or information which cannot be altered or amended by the applicant without prior approval from the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). The Authority has put complete restrictions on these fields which are the following:

  1. About the applicant (Basic information about the applicant)
  2. Communication preferences (Email id and Contact number)
  • Restrictions from Direct Amendments.

In the following cases also there are restrictions from the Authority to do the amendments directly by the applicant. Those are:

  1. “Which date are you required to be registered” in the “About the Excise Tax Registration” section.
  2. “Notification Language change “in the Declaration Section.

Note: If you wish to update your tax registration records concerning the above fields/sections, please raise a request and provide the reason for making the changes.

  • For changes through Edit Option – FTA approval not required.

There are certain categories of information which can be amended by the applicant without approval from the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). Such categories are given below. The amendment can be done by using the ‘Edit’ option. It will allow the applicant to update the records with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) quickly.

  1. Customs Registration Information section
  2. GCC Activities section – If you are registered for Excise Tax in any other GCC Member state please provide the information

Please note that, when you make changes through the ‘Edit’ option, the changes are reflected automatically on the profile, by saving the changes in the form. FTA approval is not required.

  • For changes through Amendment Option – FTA approval is required.

The Fourth category of items where the amendment can be done by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) are given below. The changes will reflect on the records of the applicant in the online portal only after the approval from the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). FTA may ask additional information while reviewing the application for amendments.

Amendment button can be used for following sections:

  1. Details of the Applicant
  2. Identification of the Applicant
  3. Details of the Manager of the Business
  4. Contact details
  5. Banking details of the Applicant
  6. About the Excise Tax Registration
  7. Customs Registration information. (Edit option can be used)
  8. GCC Activities. (Edit option can be used)
  9. Senior Management Relationships
  10. Declarations (Authorized signatory)

NOTE: The ‘Customs Registration Information’ and ‘GCC Activities’ can be amended through either the ‘Edit’ option or the ‘Amendment’ option on the dashboard.

What are the Support Channels from Federal Tax Authority (FTA)?

FTA issue guides, business bulletins, public clarifications, etc., on a timely basis for the users to keep them updated. FTA is committed to support tax payers by educating them on the latest developments on taxation.


E-learning assistance is made available to every taxable person so that they can learn and get all the necessary details about excise tax. After getting enlightened with the details of Excise Tax, relevant training can also be given to their staff members who is associated with the taxable person and his businesses to comply with the rules and regulated as laid by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA).

For all your general queries seeking for information and to request for FTA publication links or in case you have to report any technical errors while using Federal Tax Authority’s e-services,  a dedicated Excise Tax Helpline is available on 600 599 994 or you can also write all your queries to info@tax.gov.ae .

 Support from Tax Agents & Tax Advisors

FTA advises to get support from external Tax professionals such as Tax Agents or Tax Consultants. The staff in the company which are registered under FTA may not be always updated on the latest Excise system. In such cases the support from a Tax Advisor or a Tax Agent will be a blessing for the company. ECA Taxation Procedures Follow Up LLC is an exclusive Tax Division of Emirates Chartered Accountants Group registered as a Tax Agent under the Federal Tax Authority.

Currently serving hundreds of Tax clients in the UAE. Emirates International Chartered Accountants is the Tax and Management Consultancy division of the Group which is handling Tax Consultancy part of the group. If a company appoints a Tax Agent for their Tax Affairs the responsibility of accuracy of Excise Tax affairs remains with the taxable person itself. However, the Tax Agent will be responsible in his professional capacity for all the matters on Excise Tax Affairs of the company.

Emirates Chartered Accountants Group facilitates an exclusive wing for Tax offering Tax Services all over UAE in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman & RAK. We have also started our full fledge operations in Bahrain as VAT Consultants in Bahrain . The Tax Consultants provide the clients with proper support & guidance in compliance with the provisions of the UAE Tax Laws. Our Tax Experts are experienced in various industries and advices the businesses towards a sustainable Tax strategy in accordance with the provisions of UAE VAT law.

Our Tax Services:

For Excise Tax Services in Abu Dhabi:
Contact Person: Mr. Pradeep Sai
Email: sai@emiratesca.com
Mobile: +971 – 556530001

 For Excise Tax Services in Dubai:
Contact Person: Mr. Manu
Email: manu@emiratesca.com
Mobile: +971 – 502828727

For Excise Tax Services in Northern Emirate (Sharjah, Ajman, RAK, Fujairah)
Contact Person: Mr. Praveen
Email: praveen@emiratesca.com
Mobile: +971 – 508873115

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