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Expo 2021

Expo 2020, the widely awaited global extravaganza that was set to open to the public in October 2020, has been delayed and moved back a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Expo 2020 Dubai will now take place from October 1, 2021, as expo 2021, to March 31, 2022. The Expo will bring people from all over the world together to exchange ideas for a more sustainable future.

With 192 countries participating and visitors from all around the world, the Dubai Expo 2020 event is going to be a grand celebration of innovations and business collaborations. Most of the events and attractions have already been confirmed for this mega event.

The Dubai Expo 2021 Countdown served as a warm-up for the much-anticipated event. Mariah Carey and Hussain Al Jassmi performed at the glitzy event, which also included the unveiling of the Expo 2021 mascots.

Here are some of the top attractions and things to do at the upcoming Expo in Dubai, which tourists can expect to see once the event starts.

Investigate the impact of interactions on our planet. You'll be surrounded by unique architecture, culture, and inspiring inventions, from organizations to more than 190 participating nations.`


Each participating country will have its own pavilion based on the Dubai Expo 2021 themes of Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability. Let's take a peek at the various

Expo 2020 Pavilions.

The following are some of the notable country pavilions that have been announced for Expo 2021's Opportunity District.

Austria Pavilion:

The Austria Pavilion, which uses 9,000-year-old soil to produce 47 impressive truncated cones, is a country renowned for re-imagining ideas.

China Pavilion:

This will be the largest pavilion at the Expo 2021 Dubai with a theme to build a shared community for mankind

Emirates Airline Pavilion:

Lighter aircraft with interactive windows, a virtual fuselage, noise-canceling shrouds, and automated trolleys await visitors at the Dubai Expo 2021 Emirates Pavilion.

UK Pavilion:

The UK Pavilion will feature a one-of-a-kind soundscape to make Expo 2021 an unforgettable experience. Beats, notes, and rhythms from all over the world will be collected for the project. The organization is currently accepting applications from people of all ages who play any instrument. The sounds will be woven together by a sound designer into a seven-minute "soundscape." It will be a remembrance of orchestration.

Bahrain, Belarus, India, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Monaco, Morocco, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom will also have pavilions in the

Opportunity District.

The following countries will have pavilions in the Mobility District at Expo Dubai 2021:

Belgium Pavilion:

It will include renewable energy sources and smart plant-feeding innovations, as well as the country's spectacular cuisine for hungry visitors.

France Pavilion:

The theme of this field, titled "Lights," will concentrate on light as a progress enabler, a source of heat, and a medium for connections.

Oman Pavilion:

This pavilion will not only represent Oman's rich history but will also look at how frankincense has played an important role in the country for over 5,000 years.
Finland, Peru, Poland, Russia, Turkmenistan, and the Republic of Korea will also be included in the Mobility District at Expo 2021.

This pavilion at the Dubai Expo 2021 has been planned to feature global ventures that are making new strides in sustainability by producing its own water and electricity. Visitors will be able to walk beneath dense trees while the roots interact with one another, and they will also be able to see a giant fish whose ecosystem has been disrupted by ocean pollution.

The following countries will have their own pavilions in the Dubai Expo 2021 

Sustainability District:

Azerbaijan Pavilion:

The leaf-shaped roof of the nature-inspired pavilion will allow visitors to understand the effect our personal choices have.

Canada Pavilion:

The wooden structure houses a 360-degree immersive theatre that tells the story of the country.

Netherlands Pavilion:

Sustainable options abound. A vertical farm in the form of a cone will be included in this pavilion.

Brazil, the Czech Republic, the Philippines, Montenegro, Spain, Sweden, Singapore, and Germany are among the countries with pavilions in the Sustainability District.

How to take part in the Dubai Expo 2021?

On October 1, 2021, come to the World Expo for 182 days of unforgettable experiences. Investigate the possibilities that emerge when a million minds from all over the world collide.

Expo 2021 Dubai: Ten Ways to Get Involved

New Zealand intends to showcase its ideals, innovation, and imagination to the rest of the world under the concept of Care for People and Place. Here are ten ways your company can participate in Expo 2021 Dubai to learn more about how you can get involved.

1. The NZTE Expo Business Leverage Programme will teach you how to succeed in the Gulf region.

It has many streams that are appropriate for both new and experienced exporters to the Middle East. Overall, it will assist New Zealand businesses in connecting with essential global networks while also working to deepen the understanding of key Middle Eastern markets during Expo 2021 Dubai.
If you're interested in participating in the program, go to Expo 2021 Dubai Business Leverage Programme to register.

To register, you must first create an account with myNZTE, which is free and provides you with immediate access to online tools and other events.

2. Promote the company internationally by sponsoring New Zealand at Expo 2020 and joining the Care Collective.

The Care Collective is a partnership of popular New Zealand brands that embrace New Zealand's theme of Care for People and Place and share our conviction that New Zealand is good for the world. Expo 2021 Dubai will provide members of the Care Collective with the ability to raise their corporate profiles in new and fast-growing markets, as well as the opportunity to make international contacts and participate in key diplomatic and trade initiatives.

3. Create a lasting impression on your stakeholders by holding an event in the New Zealand pavilion.

The pavilion's architecture and experience will be a big draw for tourists and a topic of discussion. The pavilion was designed by Jasmax architects and the pavilion's visitor experience is led by Haumi (Karl Johnstone), Workshop e, and Ng Tngata Tiaki o Whanganui. It is located in the Sustainability District of the Expo 2021 Dubai site.
New Zealand companies will be able to use the pavilion's restaurant and versatile event spaces during Expo 2021 Dubai.

At the New Zealand pavilion, you'll have the opportunity to please stakeholders and potential clients. The pavilion will help you and your company illustrate your brands, goods, services, and values as a New Zealand company in a variety of ways.

4. Hold an event during Taste New Zealand month to promote your food and beverage items.

From mid-December 2021 to mid-January 2022, New Zealand's high-quality, clean, and healthy food and beverage products will be profiled for a month.
This will be an opportunity to show off New Zealand's outstanding food and beverage to buyers and consumers in the UAE and the broader IMEA zone, as well as visitors from South Asia, China, and Europe.
This will be an opportunity to showcase New Zealand's excellent food and beverage to buyers and consumers in the UAE and the IMEA region, as well as visitors from South Asia, China, and Europe.

5. Collaborate and compete for global business opportunities via the Expo 2021 Online Marketplace

Its goal is to promote cooperation and development by allowing companies of all sizes to advertise their strengths, market themselves internationally, and communicate with others in the supply chain.

The OMP group is a diverse portal to communicate with experts from around the world, with more than 20,000 companies from more than 140 countries registered to do business with Expo 2021 Dubai.

The best thing about it? It's totally unrestricted. Your company will be able to communicate with hundreds of foreign members, partners, licensees, and major contractors after registering on the online portal. You'll be able to showcase your expertise and goods, bid for contracts, advertise tender opportunities, and connect with a variety of local and foreign suppliers, depending on your market.    

Register your Business – Expo 2021 Dubai Online Marketplace

6. Use the Expo 2021 B2B App to connect, greet, or pitch other foreign business attendees.

At Expo 2020 Dubai, you can now use technology to unleash a plethora of new possibilities. The soon-to-be-released Expo 2021 B2B App will enable you to connect, meet, and pitch to other international business attendees.

Simply register and build a "Cyber booth" on the app to showcase your products and services, as well as information, videos, live demos, and anything else you'd like to share. You can then communicate with other similar businesses who share your goals, and you'll be able to talk, connect via video calls, arrange meetings, and much more.

7. National Day of New Zealand

This is your chance to capitalize on New Zealand's enhanced visibility during our National Day celebrations on January 31, 2022.

For their National Day, each Expo 2010 Dubai participant country will gather at the iconic Al Wasl Plaza. Music, dance, drama, and food that represent each country's culture and history will be available for visitors to enjoy.

On a day when the spotlight will be shining directly on New Zealand, your company can be a part of the celebration by offering food, drinks, goods, and services.
Keep an eye out for updates on New Zealand's National Day.

8. Host the main connections at Entertainment and Cultural Programme activities to celebrate New Zealand's artistic talent.

Expo 2021 Dubai, New Zealand has a rich and varied entertainment and culture program planned. Parris Goebel, an award-winning, well-known, and in-demand choreographer, performer, and director, has been named the curator of New Zealand's Entertainment and Cultural Programme for Expo 2010 Dubai.

At Expo 2021 Dubai, Parris will create a one-of-a-kind cultural experience for locals, showcasing New Zealand's talented creatives and artists to the rest of the world.
The Entertainment and Cultural Programme will provide key opportunities for your company to celebrate New Zealand's artistic talent with key contacts by hosting them at one of the many activities and activations scheduled.

9. Attend Expo 2021 theme week activities to learn about the new global developments and technologies.

The theme weeks of Expo 2021 Dubai, which will take place over the course of the six-month event, will each concentrate on pressing issues, global developments, and inventions.
Space, Water, Climate, and Biodiversity, Urban and Rural Development, Tolerance and Inclusivity, the Golden Jubilee (humanitarianism, environment, and sustainability), Knowledge and Learning, Travel and Connectivity, Health and Wellness, Global Goals, and Food, Agriculture, and Livelihoods will be among the topics covered during the theme weeks.

Attend one of the activities during a specific theme week that aligns with your industry to network and interact with other companies in attendance, or host your own event at the New Zealand pavilion to capitalize on those who attend the theme week activations.

10. Attend trade shows at the Dubai Exhibition Centre for Expo 2021.

Trade shows offer an exciting and vibrant forum for your company to gain visibility, network and interact with other firms, and participate in fruitful dialogues with stakeholders, individuals, and other companies.
These activities will have a broader scope during the Expo in 2021 and 2022, and will be woven into and timed with the NZTE Expo Business Leverage Programme experiences.

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The Easy Way to Participate in the UAE and Expo 2021

Setting up your own business in the UAE is a simple way to become a UAE resident. There are numerous reasons to establish or expand your business in Dubai, as well as reasons why Dubai remains by far the most important business center in the Middle East. Shipping, tourism, media, information technology, shopping, exhibits, general trade, gold and diamond trade, and banking are among Dubai's capabilities, as well as being one of the world's main travel hubs.

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