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  • Oct 05,2013
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Finance Consultants in Dubai is one of the highly rated profession. Dubai is considered as the business hub of the Mena region and large numbers of companies are formed in the Emirate recently. To be successful in a highly competitive market like Dubai, the companies need an expert advice through which they should move on. The need for Finance consultant is gaining prominence in Dubai after the recession period. The management of the companies are looking for proper finance management in their companies.

Responsibilities of a Financial consultant in Dubai

1. Working capital Management: Analyze the working capital cycle from cash being transformed from services, debtors and back to cash. Ensure that less money is tied up in various current assets of the company.

More focus on Cash Management, Management of Receivables, and Review of payables.

2. Fund Utilization: Ensure that funds are utilized properly by seeing the priorities of the company.

3. Budgets and Analysis: Make sure that realistic budgets are prepared in time and analysis like BEP,ROI etc  are to be undertaken.

4. Maintenance of Books of Accounts and Records.

5. Cost control measures

 6. Allocation of jobs and performance analysis

7. Profit / Dividend distribution

 8. Analysis of financial Performance and position of the company also comes under the job responsibilities of Finance Consultants in Dubai.

Working as Consultants in Dubai

Financial consultants work with companies or individuals to plan for their financial futures by offering information and guidance on topics that include taxes, investments and insurance decisions. Often called financial advisors, these consultants work closely with clients to offer personalized financial advice. Consultants may also direct the buying and selling of stocks and bonds for their clients. Some consultants work for consulting firms that focus on the financial needs of specific businesses or industries. Most of the Chartered Accountants in Dubai are working as finance consultants for many companies.

Finance Consultants in Dubai helps the clients to accomplish financial objectives by assessing financial situation; developing and presenting financial strategies and plans; monitoring changes in financial status. Emirates Chartered Accountants in Dubai is working as finance consultants for many big companies; get in touch with us at

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