Formation of Companies in the Travel and Tourism Sector (Specialized Activities)

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  • Feb 01,2017
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DTCM is empowered to issue relevant legislations and instructions to govern tourism industry in Dubai. DTCM is responsible for issuance of all kind of tourism licences, classification of hotels, hotel apartments and guest houses. DTCM is further responsible for issuance of permits and control over the concerned establishments. Type of Permits Tour Boats, Travel and Tourism services, Desert Camps, Entertainment Activities, Parties with tickets, Hotel Establishment Parties without Tickets, Fashion show with and without tickets, Entertainment Activities for non-hotel establishment, Permits for Tourism conferences and exhibitions. Steps in the Registration of Tourism Companies (LLC) – Approval Requirements A formal application has to be submitted to DTCM accompanied by the following documents:

  • Passport copy of the applicant [partners] and the manager
  • Extract of family record [UAE national]
  • Qualification Certificate of the Manager duly attested till UAE Embassy at the country of origin
  • Business Plan
  • Partners’ and Manager’s profile detailing their experience in travel and tourism industry
  • Certificate of good conduct issued by local police department
  • No objection from Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (for issuing tickets)
  • Approval of the entity’s trade name
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association of the Company duly notarized at Dubai Courts
  • Submission of unconditional and irrevocable banking guarantee in the name of DTCM issued by any of the local banks for a value of AED 100,000
  • Insurance Policy for covering the risks that may encounter the tourism programs. The validity of the insurance policy should cover the whole term of the licence and expired one month following the Licence expiry date. (Note: the insurance policy is not required in case the activity is limited to the issuing of air tickets only)
  • Tenancy contract duly authenticated by Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Agency.
Upon successful completion of the required formalities with the DTCM, the investor shall approach DED for obtaining the final licence upon payment of the fees. Though DTCM is the authority to issue permission for hotels, other facilities in the hotel like kiosks, retail shops etc. are licenced by DED directly.

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