How to form a company in Mainland Dubai UAE?

Now a days it is very easy to form a company in Dubai Main land. Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai introduced a number of new methods to help the business owners to launch and expand their business operations without spending much time in formation process and administration. In Dubai, there are two types jurisdictions for conducting business. 1.Dubai Mainland

  1. Free Trade Zones
Based on different business type and activities the Mainland and Free Zones offer different advantages. If you wish to form a company in Dubai Main Land, you must register it with DED, who will issue Dubai Business License. Below is the estimated license cost for a Dubai Mainland License. company formation Emirates Chartered Accountants Group can arrange Corporate Local Sponsors/Individual Local Sponsors while forming companies in Dubai Mainland. Both Free Zone and Mainland companies can get employment and investor visas. The differences between Main land visa and Free zone visa are: In SHAMS Free zone while taking the employment visa the labour guarantee is not required. Other free zones like SAIF Zone or Ajman Free Zone the labour guarantee is mandatory. We have briefly explained the main cost for forming a company in Dubai mainland. The major difference between a free zone visa and mainland visa also explained. The various steps for forming a company in Dubai Mainland can be explained in the forthcoming blogs. Emirates Chartered Accountants Group can support you for forming a company in Dubai Mainland or any other Jurisdictions in UAE such as Free Zones or Offshore Jurisdictions. For more information contact

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