Importance of Accounting And MIS Reporting

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Accounting and MIS Reporting in Abu Dhabi and UAE

Accounting is important in the running of a business as it helps to track the expenditures and income of the organization. It also helps to provide investors, stakeholders, management, and government with quantitative financial information which can be used in making business decisions.

Financial statements comprise of the following:

  1. Statement of Profit and loss A/C provides information about the profit and loss during the year.
  2. Statement of financial position gives a clear picture of the financial position of the business on a particular date.
  3. Statement of cash flows helps to track the inflow and outflow of cash and cash equivalents in the business.

Advantages of Bookkeeping services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or any other Emirate in the UAE

•    Evaluate business

The financial records show how well the organization is running as well as the financial position of the business. It helps to keep a track of expenses and possible debt and will help to compare the current year data with that of the previous accounting records and allocate budgets accordingly.

•    Ensure Statutory Compliance

Proper accounting systems and processes will help to ensure statutory compliance. Well-maintained accounting records will ensure that VAT payable is appropriately addressed.

•    Creating Budget and Forecasts 

Budgets and forecasts decide the future and growth of the business, and the financial records will play a crucial role in preparing the same.
Business trends and forecasts are prepared based on historical data. This financial data is relevant only when provided by efficient and effective accounting procedures.

MIS Reporting 

MIS stands for Management Information systems. It is a collaborative report on people, organizations, technology, and relationships among people and organizations affecting the company.

The following are advantages of using MIS reporting in the business:

  1. The MIS helps the management in short-term planning, setting budgets, and controlling the business functions. 
  2. MIS helps in maintaining important business data for making complex business decisions. Important information is stored in an organized manner, and it can be accessed by authorized personnel whenever needed.
  3. MIS reporting system acts as a vital part of the company, and it helps the organization to stand firm against the competitors.
  4. MIS reports help an organization track the source of the problem. And helps in finding a solution to the problem.
  5. The business data and information of the company can be stored and maintained in the MIS database. This database can be accessed whenever needed and thus helping in comparison of the current performance of the firm with its previous year’s results to analyze the shortfall.
  6. MIS report also serve as an effective tool for communication between employees and employers.
  7. MIS reports collect data from different sources like company documents, staff, management as well as the total number of units sold to track the root cause of a problem and do the needful to find a solution for it.
  8. MIS reports can be generated on a regular basis, such as daily, weekly, monthly, or annually but sometimes to fulfill an urgent query it can be generated on-demand basis.

Looking for Bookkeeping Services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or any other Emirates in the UAE?

Emirates Chartered Accountants Group can support you with the following: 
  1. Providing dedicated accountants 
  2. Updating the backlog accounts
  3. Financial statement preparation
  4. Accounts updating on a periodical basis
  5. Financial reporting
  6. Supervision and review of financial accounting records
Accounting and Bookkeeping Services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and other Emirates
  1. Accounting and Financial Reporting
  2. Updating of Backlog Accounts
  3. Fixed Asset Management
  4. Standard Operating Procedures
  5. Inventory Verification
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