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  • Oct 28,2013
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Management Audit in Dubai is the comprehensive examination of an enterprise to appraise its organizational structure, policies and procedures so as to ensure that a well defined management exists at all the levels of the organization. Analysis and assessment of competencies and capabilities of a company's management is done to evaluate their effectiveness, especially with regard to the strategic objectives and policies of the business. Management audit ensures that the resources of the organization effectively utilized to get maximum benefit for the business. Many companies in Dubai opt for management audit to ensure that its resources are properly utilized.

Objectives of Management Audit

  • The management audit importantly reviews all the aspects of the management of an enterprise which aims at;
  • Helps in detecting as well as correcting existing managerial deficiencies.
  • It will highlight the areas of poor management so that some corrective action can be taken.
  • It provides an insight to the lenders that their money is being properly utilized and protected.
  • It will help to improve the corporate image of the business.

Management Audit in Dubai, which are generally performed internally, are compliance audits plus cause-and-effect analysis. When performed correctly, they are potentially the most useful of the evaluation methods, because they result in change.

Auditors in Dubai who do Management Audit generally focus on the following areas;

  • They will take into consideration the aims and objectives of the enterprise.
  • Provide key attention on management structure and the effective Management Information System, which is very essential for the successful functioning of the business.
  • They will check the capability of management to adapt for technological changes which is very important to compete in the market.
  • Close supervision provided on return on capital employed as well as its market share.
  • The relationship of the enterprise with its share holders, creditors, customers and with the public will be considered.

Almost all the Audit firms in Dubai deliver management audit services for their clients for the successful attainment of their common goal.

Management Audit in Dubai is a more recent concept. It focuses on results, evaluating the effectiveness and suitability of controls by challenging underlying rules, procedures and methods. For conducting effective management audit in Dubai you can always contact Emirates Chartered Accountants groupat

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