Management Consultancy in Dubai

  • Oct 06,2013
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Management consultancy in Dubai is considered to be amongst the most interesting, intellectually stimulating and financially rewarding work available in the professional services market. It is a service, provided by consulting firms to their clients, to help management of these companies to solve complex issues that affect their businesses. In an investor friendly country like UAE the number of new company formations especially in Dubai is increased tremendously. When there are more competitions it is important to have Business Advisors to guide the organization to achieve its common goal.

Types of Management Consultancies

  • Business Strategy consulting
  • Operational consulting
  • Marketing consulting
  • Financial consulting
  • Human Resource consulting
  • Technology consulting or Information Technology consulting
  • Application Consulting
  • Engineering consulting

Management consultancy in Dubai provides an expert advice in all particular areas which the organization needs to focus on for attaining their common goal. They assist the companies to solve issues, create value, maximize growth and improve the business performance of their clients. They use their business skills to provide objective advice, expertise and specialist skills which the organization may be lacking.

Job descriptions for Consultants in Dubai

Management consultants basically work with the strategy, structure, management and operations of an organization. They will identify options for the organization and suggest recommendations for change, as well as helping with additional resources to implement solutions. They identify and facilitate strategic partnerships and alliances, conduct research and analyze performance to judge individual performance. They also involve in the Business planning for the organizations. They research, assess and monitor the effectiveness of all learning, development and training initiatives and performance against certain parameter. Facilitate communication and reporting to stakeholders; strengthens networking and collaboration opportunities. Presenting findings and recommendations to clients, preparing business proposals and presentations, managing projects and programmes.

Management Consultancy in Dubai helps a company to change its structure, assist for increasing profit or improve efficiency. A company will hire a management consultant when it wants to become more competitive. Management consultants are also known as management analysts. Emirates Chartered Accountants Group Dubai provides consultancy services to the clients as per their need. For a free consultation email to

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