Masdar City – The Green City!!

  • Sep 26,2013
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Masdar City is the symbol of Abu Dhabi’s renewed commitment to renewable energy in the Middle East. The special economic zone situated in six square kilometer area once completed will be the key ingredient for the Abu Dhabi Vision 2030. Masdar will be a pioneer in the field of low carbon renewable energy development. The green city Abu Dhabi shows lot of potential for the investors who wish to set up companies in Abu Dhabi and it is located very near to Abu Dhabi Airport, so easy access for the visitors to the free zone.

Renewable energy in UAE & MENA

The renewable energy projects in MENA are getting a big boost with over 100 projects under pipeline the growth in the sector can be well over 400 % increase. Since the last 5 years the renewable energy production is growing faster than the conventional fossil fuel. With plans of intergovernmental organization like International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) setting up their base in Masdar City the position of Abu Dhabi will be elevated in the global scenario.

Company formation in Abu Dhabi’s Masdar in the following ways:

  1. Limited Liability Company: With minimum capital of AED 150,000 one can start a company in Masdar with 100% foreign ownership.
  2. Branch of a foreign/off shore Company: The investors can start the company as a branch office of a foreign/offshore company.
  3. Branch of a UAE Company: The investors can also register the company as a branch office of a UAE Company.

The license fees to set up the business are dependent on the activity of the company and the specifications of the project. The fees start at around AED 20,000 and may go up to AED 50,000 depending on the various criteria.

The Masdar Institute of Science and Technology (Masdar Institute) is a research oriented university situated in Masdar City which focuses on alternative energy, sustainable development and environment. The Masdar Institute is sure to produce young minds who will bring new solution to environmental problems facing us today.

Masdar City is a promise to the renewable energy solution not only to the Middle East but to the whole world. The Emirates Chartered Accountants Group who is the known auditors in Dubai and the experienced consultants helps the investors in company formation in Abu Dhabi. For further details you may check out the website

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