New Visa Rule in UAE| UAE Cabinet Declares Progressive Changes on Visa Rules and Announces New Jobs

The UAE Cabinet, chaired by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has made significant and progressive decisions for foreign workers who serve the private sectors with regard to their bank guarantee, insurance and visa provisions.

What are the most important decisions made by the UAE Cabinet that you should know?
  1. Bank guarantees that are now required for private sector employees visa shall now be replaced by a brand-new approach.
  2. The bank guarantees from the private sector which sums to AED 14 billion shall be released.
  3. The bank guarantee of AED 3,000/- per employee, will be replace by a new insurance system for private sector employees for only AED 60 per employee per annum.
  4. Ease in the process of new job seekers in the UAE as they will be allowed a temporary visa without fees for a period of six months.
  5. There will be no entry visa fees for transit tourists in the first 48 hours of their stay.
  6. A two-year visa will be awarded for exceptionally well performing students.
  7. There will be no need to leave and re-enter the country for visa status change.
  8. Clear ways for voluntary departure to those who have an overstay in their visa without any ban.
What does the new insurance for private sectors cover and how is it beneficial?

There is a brand-new insurance scheme which has been introduced by the UAE Cabinet for workers guarantees. Now, the new insurance will be availed at a minimal cost of AED 60/- per employee in a year rather than AED 3,000/- as per existing regulations.

This newly introduced system focusses to successfully reach out to the private sector workers to an extent where they are granted more rights, provisions and facilities. The money value of the insurance policy in the new system is kept at a minimal rate of AED 60/- per employee in a year.

The new insurance for private sector insures a coverage of AED 20,000/- per workers in a year and also covers all sorts of rights as mentioned below:

  • Service scheme benefits
  • Vacations
  • Allowances
  • Overtime
  • Unpaid wages
  • Workers return ticket in cases of work injury

This newly promoted insurance scheme for private sector works protects the rights of employees and yes, off course reduces the obligations on employers. It will accommodate private sector businesses to retrieve approximately AED 14 billion, which is the amount of current guarantees paid by employers for their employees as bank guarantees. This refund will enable the businesses invest more in the development of their already established business. The newly introduced insurance system will strengthen the ties of doing business in the UAE and shall efficiently give more contribution towards evolution.

What are the new visa provisions declared by the UAE Cabinet for transit tourists, residents, and students?

The UAE Cabinet has announced a few of the new visa provisions for transit tourists, residents, students and also for those who have been overstaying in the UAE.  The UAE Cabinet has officially agreed to the new legislative provisions with regard to visa which includes a review in the current residency system. The new legislative provision has allowed a two-year extension in the residency period for the dependents of their parents and children upon completion of their university studies.

The UAE Cabinet has also agreed that there will be no entry fees for transit passengers for their first 48 hours on arrival. The transit visa can be extended for around 96 hours for a minimal fee of AED 50/- only. You can avail these transit visas in the express counters at the passport-control areas across all the UAE airports.

UAE is definitely a land of opportunities to showcase ones’ talents and their prospects. The UAE Cabinet has initiated a 6-month visa for job seekers who have overstayed their visa but are still willing to work in UAE.

Aiming on those individuals to ease their financial burden and simplify the process of visa processing, they can now renew their visa without an exit and re-entry in the country.

The UAE Cabinet has also implemented a resolution on entitling "People of Determination" to get jobs across the market region and have them employed. This resolution offers "People of Determination" with the much-needed sustenance to gain an equal employment opportunity in many sectors also in conjunction with the UAE Government's social development programs for all sections of the society.

What are the new regulations for people overstaying their visa in the UAE?

For those people who are overstaying their visa, the UAE Cabinet has granted a chance to leave the county on voluntary basis without a “no entry” passport stamp. Also, for those individuals who have entered UAE illegally will be getting a change to leave with a “no entry” stamp for two years provided they show their valid return ticket. To sum up it can be briefed as below:

  • No fines if you exit voluntary
  • Departure from UAE with “NO ENTRY” stamp but have to pay for the fight ticket
  • Minimal fee on fines and possibility of visa transfer
  • Illegally entered individuals will be able to leave the count with “NO ENTRY” stamp for two years
Source – The Khaleej Times

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