New Visa Rules in the UAE

New Visa Rules in the UAE

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) has announced major transformations this year in the UAE’s visa structure. Changes that supplement with the new visa rules in the UAE are all set to bring social and economic prosperity in the region.

Who will be benefitted with the new visa rules in the UAE?
  1. Visitors
  2. Transit Passengers
  3. Overstayers
  4. Widows and divorced women
  5. Students Sponsored by their parents
  1. How will the new visa rules in the UAE benefit visitors?

The new visa rules in the UAE for visitor allows people who has taken visa for thirty days or ninety days to extend their visa for thirty days, for two times without exiting the country. The visitors can get the visa at a minimal fee of AED 600/- for each of the 30 extended days.

This initiative will benefit those who has entered UAE with a visit visa seeking for job opportunities in the country. To allow visitors extend their stay without leaving the country will benefit them as they will be getting an extension of their time period to look for jobs without travelling and reducing the expenses.

Before, people who entered UAE with visit or tourist visas had to exit the country upon expiry of their thirty days or ninety days visa and then only they could apply for a new visa. But the new visa rules in the UAE for visitors has brought more opportunities and lessened many troubles for them.

  1. How can Transit passengers be benefitted with the application of new visa rules in the UAE?

All the transit passengers are now exempted from all the entry fees for the first 48 hours of their entry. Transit passengers can also extend their stay for 96 hours with a minimal fee of AED 50/- only. This transit visa can be obtained in an of the express counters at the passport-control hall across the airports of UAE.

  1. What is the new Visa Rule in the UAE for overstayers?

For all those people who have been overstaying in the UAE, the Cabinet has decided to allow them to exit the country on a voluntary basis without “no entry” stamp in their passport. This voluntary exit for overstayers is now ongoing and will end by 31st October 2018.

The overstayers will be exempted from fines if they wish to leave the country voluntarily. There are also possibilities of transferring the visa and exemption from fines at a minimal fee.

Also, for people who have illegally entered into the UAE can voluntarily exit the country with a “No Entry” stamp for two years, provided they have a valid return ticket.

  1. How is the new visa rule applicable for Widows and Divorcees?

With the application of new visa rules in the UAE approved by the Cabinet, widows and divorced women along with their children will be granted one – year residency permit without a sponsor. This application of the new rules for widows, divorced women and their children is an initiative to give women a chance to adjust with their social and economic status after encountering loss in the family.

Widows, divorced women and their children can now apply for one-year visa. This one-year visa will be effective from the date of the death of their spouse or the date of their divorce. Upon expiry of this one-year visa and if they wish to leave the country there is no need to pay extra money while leaving the country.

What are the conditions to be met for Widows and Divorcees to avail one-year visa?
  • Official evidence of death of husband or official evidence of divorce.
  • Mother and children should be under husband’s visa at the time of death or divorce.
  • They should have a valid visa while applying.
  • A tenancy contract should be in the women’s name.
  • A visa fee of AED 100/- for one-year residence visa.
  • Visa cancellation fee of old visa for mother and children.
  • Medical fitness certificate for mother and children along with Emirates ID.
  • Health insurance in some of the Emirates.
  • Evidence that the mother can afford the expenses for the family.
  1. How can students in the UAE be benefitted with the new visa extension scheme?

After completing Grade 12 or university studies in the UAE, students who are dependent on their parent’s visa can now be granted a one-year extension on their residence visa. The university students can also renew their extension visa for two times. This visa starts from the date a student graduates from the university or once the high school certificate is obtained.

To obtain this visa extension for students, a financial guarantee of AED 5,000/- has to be deposited by the parent for students above 18 years of age. This is a refundable guarantee which will be refunded when the visa of the student changes.

What are the conditions to avail visa extension?
  • The scheme is applicable only to students who are above 18 years of age and for high school and university graduates
  • Education certificates should be attested
  • Visa fee of AED 100/- visa fee for each year
  • Financial Guarantee of AED 5,000/- by the parent
  • One this visa is obtained by a student, they are not allowed to stay outside the UAE for more than six months
Source: Khaleej Times

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