Rising demand for Business Valuation in Dubai

  • Sep 12,2013
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Business valuation in Dubai has gained tremendous importance as too many business deals of actual business entities either 100% ownership or having partial ownership taking place now a days. Business valuation is a set of procedures used to estimate the economic value of an owner’s interest in a business. Business Valuation in UAE usually done by experts for an objective estimate of the intrinsic value of the business.

How Business Valuation Report is helpful to business men in Dubai

To find the value of a business is something which every owner is needed to know because he has to know how much worth his business demands. Business Valuation in Dubai are needed by the owners for many reasons such as investment analysis, capital budgeting, merger and acquisitions, financial reporting, taxable events to determine the proper tax liability and in litigation.

Business Valuation Model/ Methods of Business Valuation

There are several methods used to value the business. Why Dubai business owners are doing business valuation is either Business for sale in Dubai or he wants to identify the worth of business.
  1. Asset Approach:  All the Assets of the company will be taken into consideration for valuing overall business. This approach relies upon the economic principle of substitution and seeks to estimate the costs of re-creating a business of equal economic utility.
  2. Market Approach:  Under Market approach one consults the market place for indications of business value. This approach uses the economic principle of competition which seeks to estimate the value of a business in comparison to similar businesses whose value has been recently established by the market
  3. Income Approach: The Income Approach to business valuation uses the economic principle of expectation to determine the value of a business. Here one estimate the future returns the business owners can expect to receive from the subject business. These returns are then matched against the risk associated with receiving them fully and on time.
  For Business Valuation in Dubai anyone of the above methods are generally used and  the selection of the method is depends on many factors on which valuer takes decisions during the course of valuation. Business Valuation in Dubai is needed for various purposes like purchasing and selling of a business, mergers and acquisitions, etc. While valuing a business one should focus on things like the industry in which the company operates, market perception, how the company compares with similar businesses etc.  Emirates Chartered Accountants Group Dubai have been opened a Business Valuation Division recently to guide the business acumen to acquire or sell business units or for any other related decision making process. Either to buy or sell a product one needs to have a good idea of the price of the product. Same is applicable when negotiation for buying or selling the business. You can always contact us at info@emiratesca.com.                

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