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Trade License in Dubai, UAE is issued by the department of economic development authority which permits the businessmen to do business in UAE. For certain categories of business, it needs approval from concerned ministries and other relevant authorities: For example, banks and other financial institutions must need permission from the central bank of the UAE, the insurance companies and related agencies need approval from the Ministry of Economy and Commerce, the manufacturing business requires permission from the Ministry of Finance and Industry and pharmaceutical and medical products should obtain from the Ministry of Health. All the commercial and industrial businesses in UAE should be registered with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the respective Emirate. Types of Trade License in UAE The business activities in the country can be subdivided into the following types of licenses. v  Commercial licenses including all kinds of trading activities. v  Professional licenses - professions, services, craftsmen and artisans. v  Industrial licenses for establishing industrial or manufacturing activity. Obtaining Trade License in Dubai, UAE is relatively a simple process. Requirements to obtain Trade license in UAE When planning your business in UAE, it is worth to have the following legal requirements applicable in all concerned government authorities in order to guarantee maximum commercial benefit for the business owners.

  • Designate the business category, commercial, industrial and/or professional
  • Determine all the related business activities within each business license (Maximum 10 activities per license)
  • Plan your business legal status in UAE
  • Select the  trading name
  • application to the Department for initial approval
  • Lease business premises and obtain approval from the Authority
  • Prepare all required documents such as memorandum of association and approvals from other relevant government authorities.
With a valid Trade License in Dubai, UAE one can do business in Dubai, UAE. Emirates Chartered Accountants Group offers complete assistance for incorporating new company and for renewing the trade license. We offer the combination of our deep in-depth local business knowledge and extensive experience. We are thus able to recommend the best possible options and ensure that your business is set up with minimal hassles and effort. We handle all the details for you, so you will be free to think on the bigger picture, that is your business. We will be available in

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