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Training for VAT Registration in the UAE

Vat in the UAE is all set to hit the road by 1st January 2018; less than 3 months from now. VAT registration in the UAE is now open to all. To avoid legal penalties, you should complete your VAT registration on time. VAT Registration for businesses in the UAE has to be done through the Federal Tax Authority Online Portal.

What do we provide in Training for VAT Registration in the UAE?

VAT Registration comprises of 8 steps to be followed for successful generation of a Tax Registration Number (TRN). Step 1: About the applicant Step 2: Details of the applicant Step 3: Contact Details Step 4: Bank Details Step 5: Business Relationships Step 6: About the Vat Registration Step 7: Declaration Step 8: Review & Submit There are additional procedures to be followed for Registration as a TAX Group. We will give you a detailed instruction to follow the complete steps to register your company for VAT in the UAE. In order to register your company successfully, you can join in our Training on VAT Registration Programmes to clarify all your doubts and to proceed for registration independently yourself.

You will get clarity on all your doubts for registration:

Many are confused; which all companies are to be registered under VAT group, what are the documents to be submitted for VAT registration etc. To support and give detailed information, Emirates Chartered Accountants Group conduct series of training for VAT Registration and related services.

  • Whether to register as a Group or standalone?
  • Should I submit an audited financial statement or any other documents?
  • Can sole establishment also form part of the group?
  • If the owner is having a commercial building without a separate trade license, how to proceed?
  • What if I have only a branch company?
  • Whether Certificate of incorporation of a company is necessary for registration?

Below are the VAT Registration Deadlines in the UAE:

  • Businesses having an annual turnover of more than AED 150 Million - You have to submit the application on or before 31st October 2017
  • Businesses having an annual turnover of between AED 10 Million & AED 150 Million - You have submitted the application on or before 30th November 2017
  • If Businesses are having a turnover between AED 375,000/ - & AED 10 Million for the last 1 year, you have to submit the application on or before 04th December   2017
  • If your annual turnover is more than AED 375,000/- it is mandatory to get registered.

Emirates Chartered Accountants Group is professionally equipped to ease all your VAT burdens. One stop solution for all your TAX needs. Please feel free to contact our below representatives for VAT REGISTRATION TRAINING, VAT REGISTRATION or VAT IMPLEMENTATION SERVICES

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