World Expo 2020 – Dubai, UAE

  • Jan 01,2014
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The World Expo is the largest public exhibition of its kind and it provides the host nation the opportunity to show off the best it has to offer. The World Expo was developed to bring countries together across cultural divides, strengthen international relations and marvel at the technology being produced around the world. It’s a chance to share, develop, grow and move forward together.

 As a relatively young country, the UAE has covered an astronomical distance in a short span of time. This has largely been made possible by the practice of bringing together business professionals at the height of their industry to share their views and ideas on an array of matters which pertain to the growth of the country. It is through these ideals that the World Expo itself was born.

Future Growth in Dubai

What is going to happen in the coming 7 to 8 years on account of the Expo win? It will have a great impact on the economy which will change the emirate as a city and a community drastically. A lot of new jobs will be created attracting a large number of people in search of career opportunities. Huge additional investments in Infrastructure can be expected. The real estate market will be more aggressive. The Expo 2020 is a great marketing platform for Dubai. The name ‘Dubai’ will hold the spotlight of the international media for several years; even much after 2020. By 2020, Dubai and the UAE will be phenomenally different, a global hub in every sense. Dubai Expo 2020 will be a fantastic opportunity for the UAE to continue to develop its infrastructure, strengthen its strategies of diversification, and emphasis its importance in the global marketplace. "The UAE is going from oil infrastructures to education and innovation projects and Dubai is shifting from a crossroads city to a multinational entity.

Job Market

The master plan features three major pavilions. These three zones will be connected by a canopy of solar panels. One of the subthemes of Expo 2020, “Sustainability” is part of the strategic vision for the future of Dubai. With its 365 days of sun, Dubai sees great potential in the development of solar energy that could account for 50% of the Expo site's energy needs. The panels will cover the main walkways, acting like a sun shade during the day and transforming into an illuminated display of lights during the night. The infrastructure development plan also includes strategic landscaping and alternate transportation system in Dubai. The Expo will have a trickle-down effect on nearly all the sectors. The construction sector will benefit immensely as radical changes and preparations have to be made in the city. This will lead to a huge spike in demand for professionals and employees across all levels in construction. Dubai Expo 2020 is estimated to create 277,000 new direct jobs over the next few years and the indirect jobs creation will be much more.

Expo win is a great opportunity for all those people who run business in Dubai. It instills great pride in the citizens and expatriates of UAE to be part of a nation which is preparing to honor the prestigious bid bestowed upon it and we at the Emirates Chartered Accountants Group wish the country all the very best.

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