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How to Account Inventories in Certain Special Cases and COVID-19 Impact?

As per International Accounting standard (IAS 2), Inventories are Assets: Held for sale in the ordinary course of business, Eg: Merchandise purchased by the retailer. In the process of pr...

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Whether One Needs to Account for Assets Received Free of Cost?

Accounting for Assets Received Free of Cost or as Gifts as Per IFRS  Many have confusion, whether one needs to account for assets received free of cost? Some will also argue that as there is no money paid, why it...

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When and How an Audit Report Should be Submitted to DWC Authority?

Audit in DWC(Dubai South Freezone )  Audit in Dubai South Freezone -  Dubai South previously known as...

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4 Ways to Improve Cash Flow Management & Working Capital Management Gap During Crisis

Cash Flow Management & Working Capital Management  In the present scenario, most of the companies are discussing how to handle cash flow management during t...

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Accounting Services During Covid-19

Accounting Firm in Dubai UAE  Most of the companies in the region maintain books of accounts and get it audited through appr...

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Internal Audit |Understanding Internal Audit in UAE

What is Internal Audit in Dubai? As per the definition given by IIA (Institute of Internal Auditors)- Inter...

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Are there any mandatory requirements to maintain books of accounts for businesses in the UAE?

Books of Accounts All Businesses Establishments and Taxable entities who have registered for VAT in UAE...

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Role of Finance Manager in An Organization | What is the Role of Finance Manager In An Organization?

Role of Finance Manager in An Organization Financial management is the managerial activity which is concerned with planning and controlling o...

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Role of Accounting in Business | What is the Role of Accounting in business?

Accounting in Business Accounting is often termed as the language of businesses. Accounting in business plays a vital role as it provides so much information about the company w...

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What is the role of Internal Audit in finance?

What is the role of Internal Audit in finance? Internal Audit advances businesses to achieve their objectives by effectively evaluating and managing the risk factors and processes within an o...

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