Audit and Assurance Company Services in Dubai, UAE

How to record Fixed Assets and Depreciation?

  a.Description of specific assets, their location, and if applicable, such specific identification as serial or other control/code numbers. b.To keep better con...

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What accountants should know about Inventory Valuation?

Inventory Evaluation Process Disclosure of the accurate value of inventory is very important for a business organization to give a true and fair picture of the financial position as well as the profit/...

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Is Financial Audit Mandatory for SME companies registered in UAE?

Is Financial Audit Mandatory for SME companies registered in UAE? Is financial audit  mandatory or not in the UAE? Should the books of account...

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Why Do You Need to Conduct Internal Audit in Your Company?

Why Do You Need to Conduct Internal Audit in Your Company? Businesses can get a decent idea of how they are doing in operations by examining company data on their own. To truly gain a good picture of whether the company is operating we...

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Auditors in UAE - Internal Checking

Internal check An internal check is a system of accounts carried out in organizations under which the work of one person is automatically checked by auditors, for emirates we have top auditors in UAE to prevent and detect the errors an...

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Auditors in Dubai, UAE.

Bank Listed Auditors in Dubai Auditors in Dubai are one of the best professional service providers in Dubai, UAE in the finance sector. Financial Auditing Service is mandatory for most of the companies registered in Free Zones in UAE....

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Audit requirements in DMCC

The fastest growing free zone development in the UAE, Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) is a 200-hectare, mixed-use waterfront master development facilitating both business and community living by offering commercial, residential and retail property for...

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As per the regulations of DMCC, clause no   62.1 the shareholders of a company in the first meeting will appoint auditors to act as the auditors of the company till the end of the first annual general meeting. In case th...

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Operational Audit in UAE

Operational Audit operational audit is concerned with the evaluation of systems and controls which ensure that the strategies, goals and objectives of the management are being met. The management cannot simply take the...

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Audit in DMCC/JLT-United Auditing, Audit Division of Emirates Chartered Accountants Group

Audit in DMCC/JLT registered companies is made compulsory.   DMCC /JLT is one of the fastest-growing free zones among the UAE free zones having more than 6000 registered companies. The free zone situa...

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