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DMCC Company Formation_

DMCC is a government entity established in 2002 to enhance commodity trade flows through Dubai. We perform a range of roles which continue to position Dubai as the preferred destination for global commodities trade and DMCC as the world’s No.1 Free Zone.

What are the Documents required to form a company in DMCC?

  1. Online Pre-approval application form
  2. Copy of your passport
  3. Proof of your residential address in the country of residence(for example-utility bill or invoice)
  4. Copies of the parent company(Required if setting up subsidery)

 What are the benefits of DMCC Business Set Up?

  1. 100% foreign ownership & Capital Repatriation.
  2. As an expatriate, you can own 100% of the company you are setting up and remit all profits to your home territory, without restriction.
  3. DMCC Free Zone has been formed to enhance the commodity trade flows across Dubai.
  4. DMCC regulates, promotes and facilitates trade across a wide range of commodity sectors including gold, diamonds, pearls, precious metals, tea and cotton.
  5. Situated in the heart of Dubai, DMCC is within fast, easy reach of both airports, Jebel Ali Port harbour and the Expo2020 site, while adjoining some of the most prestigious visitor, retail and residential districts in the world.
  6. DMCC Free Zone provides the platform to set up companies in all other trading and service/consultancy activities.
  7. Almost every business activity you can think of can be found in DMCC. You can set up as a branch, subsidiary or new limited liability company.
  8. DMCC also offer flexible office solutions, from the plug and play Flexi-desks and serviced offices to multi-storey offices for lease or sale.
  9. DMCC offers a thriving Business Centre Network with 15,000-member companies representing 170+ countries and 20+ business sectors in an interconnected marketplace with boundless opportunities.
  10. DMCC is home to nearly 92,000 people who live and work here. With its striking waterfront, beautiful community park and the stunning skyline of 66 towers, you can enjoy a high-quality lifestyle with superb restaurants, hotels, education facilities and healthcare.
  11. 0%Personal & Corporate Tax
How can Emirates Chartered Accountants Group help you in DMCC Company Formation?
  • Review all the essential requirements of your business activities to suggest the best free zone where you can open your Company in the UAE.
  • Support you in strategizing your business plan.
  • Assistance in preparing the application form which has to be submitted to the Free zone authority.
  • Getting your trade name approval, Initial Approval and security approval
  • Attesting the legal documents from the concerned department of the authorities for corporate clients.
  • Drafting the MOA of the company.
  • Proper guidance while selecting the ware house/s or offices.
  • Support and guidance for E – channel registration and obtaining the establishment card.
  • Assistance for opening your company bank account/s and personal bank account.
  • Visa assistance for employees as well as investors.
  • Selection of suitable employees for your newly formed company
  • Proper guidance while appointing an auditor, as having an auditor is a compliance requirement for free zone companies.
  • VAT Compliance and Advisory support for VAT Registration | VAT Implementation | VAT Return Filing
  • Provisions for Accounting & Book Keeping services
  • Support for Company Liquidation.

DMCC business set up for foreign investors is a strategic initiative by the Government of Dubai which was established in 2002, with a mandate to provide the physical, market and financial infrastructure required to set up a commodity market place for DMCC Company Formation.

DMCC business set up offers a unique opportunity for market participants in a wide range of commodities industries in four broad sectors. DMCC Business Set-Up includes precious commodities (gold, diamonds, coloured stones and pearls), energy-related sectors (Liquid Natural Gas (LNG), reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and development of oil storage infrastructure and plastics), Steel and Base metals and Soft agricultural commodities (tea, cotton and others).

Emirates Chartered Accountants Group assists clients to set up their businesses in all the free zones in Dubai. We handle the complete Free zone company formation process with strategic recommendations and negotiations with local stakeholder along with documentation formalities.

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