How do you start business in Dubai Mainland?

‘’The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago and the second best time is now’’ goes a Chinese proverb and the same holds true for starting business in Dubai mainland. So let me help you with how to start a business in Dubai on a step by step basis.

• First of all we have to conduct a Market and financial feasibility study to understand the scope and financial requirement of our business.
• After completing the market study of starting the business then you have to determine the activity of your business. Maximum of ten related activities are permitted in one license (general trading license excluded)
• After that you have to choose the right legal form for your business by considering the business activities and the number and nationalities of the business owners. There are legal forms available like LLC, PJSC, etc.
• List out number of trade names as per activities and reserve the trade name of the business as per terms.
• After the trade name approval you have to submit an application to the Department of Economic Development for an initial approval.
• Make out the Court agreement and have it notarized from the Courts.
• Now you can look for commercial premises to be leased, we need to get permission from the Planning Department of Dubai Municipality.
• Arrange all relevant documents and submit an application to the Department of Economic Development or any of its branches for paying the fees to obtain the final license.


Procedure Chart:

Determine the activity

Reserve the trade name

Initial approval

Court Agreement (MOA)

Tenancy contract authentication by RERA

Other external bodies’ approvals as per the license type and the activity.

Fees payment and license typing

Issuance of the necessary permits

Attach documents and external bodies’ approvals as per the activity.

‘’Business opportunities are just like buses, there is always another one coming’’. So choose your business wisely and see it come to action. Whether starting a small business or a multibillion a business in UAE, you can always take the help of professionals who can simply take up the responsibilities.



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