Audit and Assurance Company Services in Dubai, UAE

EmaraTax-The new integrated Platform by the FTA

EmaraTax -The new integrated platform by the FTA  As you are aware, the Federal Tax Authority of the UAE will launch a new online platform called EmaraTax, which will enhance the way taxpayers can access the different services the...

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Golden Pension Announced for Expats in the UAE

Golden pension announced for expats in the UAE. The UAE announced a pension scheme earlier this week aimed at expatriates, who make up 89% of the country's population. Employees of registered corporates will be able to plan for ret...

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E-commerce License in Sharjah- Why Shams Free Zone ?

E-commerce License in Sharjah- SHAMS Freezone As per the new and latest trend, most of customers have shifted to e-commerce platforms for their shopping needs due to their convenience. Also, due to the current situation and market tren...

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Intra-group Services Transfer Pricing Guidelines

Intra-group Services Under Transfer Pricing With the introduction of the Corporate Tax Regime in the UAE (effective from June 2023), Transfer Pricing Regulation will also be introduced. It has been conveyed through the Public Consultat...

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When to submit the DDA Company's audited financial statement to the authority?

Audited financial statements submission for DDA companies To foster Dubai's economy's fut...

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Why Does Dubai Stand Best Among the Cities in the World for Entrepreneurs?

Dubai Stands Tall Among the Best Cities in the World for Entrepreneurs Dubai has been ranked as one of the top ten global cities for entrepreneurs by the most recent research on the competitiveness of the world's major financi...

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Real Estate Activity Report for the Specific Nature of Transactions

Attention Real Estate Brokers, Agents & Law firms- have you filed a Real Estate Activity Report for the specific nature of transactions? You being a Designated Nonfinancial Businesses and Professions (DNFBP) as defined under the Fe...

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Whistle Blowing Program in the UAE for Tax Violation

Whistleblowing program in the UAE – another approach for ensuring VAT compliance Ensuring VAT compliance is very important in any country to maintain a stable VAT economy and to support businesses with a healthy environment to gr...

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The Potential of Freelancing in UAE

Keys to Unlocking the Potential of Freelancing In The UAE What is the one thing that matters to you most? Are you a professional who’s already seen a lot of success in your working life, yet struggling to progress any f...

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How businesses should be ready for VAT Audit by FTA?

How businesses should be ready for Tax Audit by FTA?  In the UAE, Federal Tax Authority has implemented various procedures for reviewing tax compliance and for conducting tax audits at regular periods across the industries. The ri...

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