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Is Your Business Customs Law Compliant and Prepared for a Customs Audit?

Customs Duty in the UAE  Goods imported into a country are subject to customs tax or Customs Duty specified in the Customs tariff and are collected at the first point of entry. The customs duty rates on imported goods are fixed at...

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UAE Federal Court Verdict on Voluntary Disclosure Form Penalties

UAE Federal Court Verdict on Voluntary Disclosure Form Penalties Federal Court Verdict: October of 2020 was rather a significant month for the tax registrants of the country as FTA rolled out multiple clarifications an...

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Tax Residency Certificate in UAE Latest Updates

Latest Update on Tax Domicile Certificate or Tax Residency Certificate in the UAE Tax Residency Certificate in UAE (‘TRC’) also known as Tax Domicile Certificate is an official document issued by the Government Authorities...

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Latest Update on Tax Treatment on Sales promotions or Special offers

VAT Free Sale in the UAE is often visible as Special Discount or No VAT etc. What will be the tax impact on VAT Free sale promotions? Or is it correct to conduct such promotions offering VAT Free or without VAT?...

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Deemed Supplies and Exemptions to Deemed Supplies

System of UAE VAT In the VAT system, the tax shall be imposed on value addition made at each stage of the supply chain. The supplier shall collect the VAT from the customers on the value of supply made to them and can...

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Public Clarification of Zero Rating of Export of Services

 Zero Rating of Export of Services The public clarification, Zero-rating of export of services provides the views of the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) on the cond...

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Export of Service- UAE VAT Law Latest Amendment

UAE VAT Law Latest Amendment  Is the UAE VAT executive regulation amended? What are the changes made in the UAE VAT Law and how will that impact the transactions? These are some latest questions raised related to...

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A Quick Guide on VAT in UAE

VAT in UAE a Quick Guide  Value Added Tax (VAT) in UAE was introduced on 1st January 2018. The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) is responsible for all administrative and collection of taxes in the UAE. ...

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5 Circumstances that Lead to FTA’s VAT Audit in UAE!

How to Prepare for VAT Audit in UAE? VAT Audit in UAE is the review performed by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) in order to assess the VAT liability and review the records maintained by the taxable person to ensure th...

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