What are the Responsibilities of a Tax Agent in the UAE?

Tax Agent in the UAE – Seamless VAT Assistance?  

Hiring a Tax Agent in the UAE will be essential for the businesses to receive proper guidance in relation to VAT in UAE and other VAT-related procedures or matters. A Tax Agent in the UAE is an approved person who will be responsible to provide proper guidance and interpretations on VAT in UAE and to support you for ensuring VAT compliance. In addition, a Tax Agent will be able to represent your company in front of the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) with related to tax procedures or assessments in the UAE.

What is the Tax Agency?

A Tax Agency is a legal entity that has the license to operate as a Tax Agency and has been registered with the FTA as a Tax Agency. Once it is registered, a Tax Agency can operate in UAE and will be able to support the taxable person officially to ensure VAT compliance or to follow the various VAT regulations or procedures. A Tax Agency will have a Tax Agent in the UAE  associated with it.

We are a registered Tax Agent in UAE approved by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) under Emirates International Chartered Accountants Co. Holding TAN 30003933. We have been serving the business community in UAE since the inception of VAT in UAE with hands-on practical experience of seamless VAT implementation for hundreds of business communities with continuous professional support.

Who is a Tax Agent in the UAE?

A Tax agent in UAE is a person who is appointed on behalf of another person or business to look after the tax-related matters with the Federal Tax Authority.

What are the Responsibilities of a Tax Agent in the UAE?

Tax Agents in the UAE are responsible for assisting their clients in fulfilling their tax-related obligations and helping them satisfy the provisions of the VAT Law. Tax Agent will be able to provide proper advice and interpretation of UAE VAT Law and assist the taxable person to ensure compliance of VAT procedures.

Tax agents in the UAE can play a key role during the tax audit conducted by the FTA.  Tax Agents will be allowed to represent before the FTA on behalf of the taxable person.

When requested, a Tax agent can submit the information and records to the authority on behalf of the taxable person and such information will be considered or accepted by the authority during the Tax Audit or administrative procedures.

Why is it advisable to hire a tax agent in the UAE?

A Tax Agent in the UAE will be directly able to communicate with the authority as they are FTA approved individuals. They have the authority to represent before the FTA on behalf of the client whenever any enquiries or procedures are made by the authority or any issues are to be raised to the authority.

As businesses in the UAE face a lot of challenges on the implication of correct tax treatment, if you hire a tax agent in the UAE, you can overcome the challenges distinctly in a precise manner. Communicating with the FTA to get the matters sorted out directly shall no longer be tedious with the assistance of Tax agent in the UAE. They will be able to communicate in Arabic to the authority and can save a lot of time to smooth the VAT process for businesses.

As an approved tax agent in the UAE, we can support to solve the problems and proper advice shall be given in handling the Tax issues. VAT Return Filing in UAE  has to be done on a periodic basis as prescribed by the FTA, tax agent in the UAE takes accurate care about the taxability to omit the errors while filing the VAT Returns can in order to avoid fines and penalties.

What are the Applicable provisions of the UAE VAT Law?

According to the Article (15) of the Federal Decree-Law no 7, A Person may appoint a Tax Agent to act in his name and on his behalf with regard to his tax affairs before the Authority, without prejudice to that Person’s responsibility before the Authority. To become a tax agent in UAE there are some requirements imposed by the Federal Tax Authority. The authority has specified conditions and qualifications apart from clearing the tests to become a tax agent in UAE.

Our Tax Agency Services includes:
  1. UAE VAT Registration support:
  • Guidance on registering for VAT in FTA online portal for the company.
  • Analyze whether group registration or standalone registration and to suggest which is more beneficial.
  • Review the documents and information before submitting to the authority for registration.
  • Replying or addressing the queries raised by FTA on the registration application.
  1. Guidance & Support for VAT Return filing in the UAE:
  • Understanding the Business, nature of the transactions and its legal structure.
  • We will check if the accounting system adopted by the company is capable of generating reports, documents and invoices.
  • To check if the import of goods and the services are disclosed as per the provisions of the Law.
  • We will check whether input VAT on purchases/ expenses) and output VAT (on the supply of goods/services) were properly classified and accounted. If not, necessary guidance to ensure the same will be given.
  • Whether the treatment of tax liability in the VAT Return through credit notes, treatment of discount given, tax on advances received were properly considered will be verified.
  • Computation of tax liability will be checked based on the information provided (for complying VAT law & regulations).
  • Proper guidance will be given on the administration procedure of using forms like Form 211 for Voluntary Disclosure.
  • We will assist in preparing the summary file and submit the VAT Refund Application to the FTA.
  • VAT treatment on different transactions will be provided based on UAE VAT Law.
  1. Additional Services
  • Responding and representing to the authority on your behalf if Tax Audit or Tax Assessment is conducted.
  • Assistance in preparing the documents for FTA during the Tax Audit
  • We will provide updates on recent developments and changes in the tax treatments from the FTA regarding the VAT Law.
  1. VAT Deregistration Services
  • Guidance and support to submit the deregistration application in the FTA portal.
  • We will review and submit the supporting documents required by the FTA.
  • Stating the purpose of Deregistration to the FTA.
  1. VAT Reconsideration
  • Understanding the case and the details of the penalty in detail
  • Verifying the supporting documents to understand the reason for penalty
  • Preparing the Facts of the case in Arabic
  • Preparing the application and other supporting documents in Arabic

Approved Tax Agent in the UAE It is always advisable to opt and chose the FTA approved Tax Agent only. We as your tax agent will be able to address your tax-related issues and guide you for better VAT compliance. As your tax agent, we can communicate with the authority and represent you on your behalf whenever any issue arises in relation to VAT in UAE.

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